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Travel back in Time! by Mrs Kynigou’s class

Meet the characters of Colonial America!

Choose a region below and follow the links to watch our animated Voki characters as they tell you about their daily lives in Colonial Times. All soliloquies were crafted by student authors from information they researched during Library and Computer class!

Please note these links work on desktop computers only!

New England colonies:

Learn about the daily life of William Martin, the merchant (AnnMarie); Charlotte Smith, busy mother ( Kaitlyn); Mary Archer, colonial child (Steleeza); and the wonderfully articulate Phoebe Smith (Anna B), who let’s us glimpse what life must have been like for a slave in those days.

Learn about the various trades of colonial times by meeting the baker, Cornelia Tanner,(Claire); the brick maker, Hercules Archer (Isak); the gunsmith, Simon Smith (Laura); the silversmith, Gideon E. Williams (Thanasis); and the shoemaker, Clement Smith (Yasmin).

Middle Colonies:

Meet the famous Betsy Ross (Anna K);  John Smith, the wheelwright  (John), another John Smith, apprentice (Khush); and Ebeneezer Miller, the miller (Margarita).

Southern colonies:

Robert Josah, manor owner, (Maggie) introduces us to the rich lifestyle of plantation owners in the South. Ed Jefferson, the cooper (Nikos) shares his secret wish to free slaves. We meet the wig maker, William Edward Smith (Eugenie); Bradford Jefferson, the blacksmith (Thisseas); Charles Tanner, the tanner (Francesca) and last but not least, the young George Washington, future president (Chrysonoe).

Hope you enjoy our Voki presentations!

Think about Zoos by Steleeza

Have you ever thought how animals in zoos feel? How sad they are by being forced to do tricks for you to be happy? How scared little animals are when thinking they are rescued, they are actually taken from their homes for no reason? Well, if you read this you will!

In zoos, you go to see cute, colorful animals, and you think they are happy, right? Well, many animals if it was it would be called something like “Animal Care” of “S.A.H.D.E.Z.(saving animals from home destruction and family losses)”, not a zoo! It’s not fair that animals don’t have rights. It’s not right, just because they are defenseless you should trap, and torture them in a way!

Of course, some are there for special treatment. Once for example, I saw a hyena that was lacking a leg and an ear. A few baby animals are there because of its home has been destroyed, or because of being separated form its family. Some animals are in cages alone, because they take special medicines but the places where such animals are kept are specially designed for them. Some hurt animals are allowed to be with their families you know, for some company.

You could tell me, “Well, yeah, but how do you know all these things?” I can answer that. You probably have been to the Attica Zoo and you have seen all animals (except for some bunnies) are happy. Well, in other zoos, it is not the same thing! Some animals nibble on cage bars, or try to scare away people. It’s also not good to tap on the tanks with snakes and fish in them because they get frustrated.

If you want to help those animals, you could go to a wildlife museum or a National Park; you could go hiking, or go to a forest. You could think a museum is boring and a forest trip is dangerous. Well, just try not to get too close to wild animals and they won’t hurt you! You can’t really do anything for the animals in zoos, but you can do something for the ones that are out, in their natural environment.

Hope you can help them!

Having Laptops for School Subjects by Francesca

Dear School Boards,

Don’t you get angry when all the kids at school complain that their hands hurt? Imagine if the school subjects such as writing, language arts, reading all involved computers or laptops and the rest were handwritten like the subject physical education etc. With this picture in your mind it is really important for the students here at the 5thgrade until high school.

   I believe that if we use laptops for our class workin almost all subjects in school the children will love learning. If we have laptops we don’t have to spend money on ink, pencils, and paper. Therefore, we could just open a tab for paper and type with the typewriter.

   Another reason of having laptops for school is that we can learn how to be safe on the internet. Being able to understand the internet and how it works is a big step in the children’s life. We could show the adults and other people such as principals, teachers etc. that we are able to search and write on the laptops.

    During the last century almost everything that is not living is made up of technology, so why can’t we have some electrical device on our desk?

    As I said, we are going to save ink, paper, pencils and money, for having laptops. The only thing we have to do is inform the parents, students and teachers and see if they agree with my idea. If they agree with my idea, we just have to find the money with the help of a bake sale, or other fundraising ideas.

I hope you agree with my idea and I haveconvinced you!

                                                 Thank you,                                                                                                        

Mr Zervas invites….

Dear 5th Graders,

What does “Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds” mean to you? Now is your chance to show the world your writing abilities by entering the 2015 International Essay Contest. I know all of you are talented writers and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enter.  All essays must be turned in by June 15. 

Remember the Writing Studio is here to help!


Mr. Zervas


Stop Pet Shops and Pet City!!! By Chrysonoe

  You know Pet Shops, and Pet City, right? You know what they sell:animals, living things, and you go buy them! That’s just wrong. Would you like to be in a cage, or at the street alone? No food, just a can, and water from mud!

Even if you love them, so of you, buying them is not the solution. Because if you buy more animals to rescue them, more animals will be capured. Think about it, a hiant person, or hing, standing on top of you, really scary. Some kids dont even respect animals!

Not only that, but we destroy their land, it’s ours also, but we can’t destroy it, it’s their too! People destroy forest for money, and some fancy homes that they go visit one time out of twenty years.

There’s a park in America, in the sea! They can build their homes there, or destroy other homes that are not uesd, and build their homes.

But the worst thing is that we take animals, with no power over them, treating them like slaves, or a school pet, and sell them! That’s so, so wrong. People like you don’t care! Why I’am i telling you this?

There is no space for the birds, for example, here in the middle of Attiki ( a raod with cars) with so much noise, is a bird living there! It’s just so sad.

They never took you as slaves, or hunt you! You probably are on the couch, drinking hot chocolate with the T.V. on, and don’t mind what I’am saying, and a cat over there is trying to find food for it to eat!

Money is paper, how important is it? It’s NOT! Why are you treating animals so bad? They never hurt you. You even go and see people hitting animals at the circus, or go get a picture with a drugged tiger.

Animals give you meat, milk, clothes, and hundreds more things, and you site and force to get in cages without them we wouldn’t exist. Please help them, dont buy them.

You could really help, if you care! If even afew families help stop this slavery, you would mabye not change the whole world, but you would change the world of that one animal!!!


Share or be Sad by Thisseas

  Why should you keep something to yourself? Why not share? Other people want things you have. Some are rich and don’t share anything. Some are poor and share everything they have with others .Have you ever thought what will happen if everybody shared? 

Now that nobody shares, people are having wars all the time. First, in ancient times Greeks, Trojans, Persians, Egyptians and several other tribes fought over land. Several people like Alexander the Great went and conquered all the land close to their home. Rome was similar. Then the Turks came and got everything. Later the British went to the New World, and fought for it with the Americans for power. Now many politicians fight for money and power. If everybody shared, everybody would have power. In older times people fought for food too.

If we shared, nobody would be poor, nobody would be a rich either. You would always work a lot but not get paid. You want to work for your communities good. You would do any job you wanted. You would have to do work even if you don’t want but it will help your community. You would help build everything in the community and you would live in houses with other people. Food? No problem. Somebody could have farms. Because nobody would be rich, nobody could buy someone else’s things.

Everybody can be happy if you share. You could have all the toys or money in the world. Everybody would have the same. You would be safe from everything, you would share hospitals and other things that give you safety. You would be safe. Nobody would do a crime. Why would they, if they had everything in the world. If nobody shared, wars would happen over money, food and power. If we shared more, nobody would starve or be cold. We would all have food and shelter. Everybody would be healthy and safe, protected and happy. So share, or be sad, your choice. Listen to my advice or you will have an awful future.


Stand up to Bullies by Khush



Visualize yourself being bullied. How would you feel? You would feel terrible! But don’t stand there miserable! Stand up to the bully! If the bully hurts you it’s because the bully is showing their anger. If they doing it for fun, its because they think they are cool. So as I said ,stand up to the bully and tell the teacher that the bully is hurting you. Tell the bully that they bully people, they won’t gain repspect and no one will believe you. Tell them they won’t have fun, loving friends like everybody in the world.  

Ask the bully what’s the point of bullying? Is it because you want to show that you are cool and you can do anything want?  Well,no! It’s your anger that makes you do this cruel stuff to people.  Ask the bully how they feel if they were bullied?  But if the bully says, “I would feel cool”, tell them that you wouldn’t if you were bullied for real. Try to make the bully guilty because if you do the bully will realize  their mistake but if he or she doesn’t then he or she will need therapy.  Try to convince a bully that they may turn in to bad people doing bad stuff like stealing, being drunk, hunting animals, etc.  If you encourage them to do nice stuff then you can change the whole world.  So try to make them feel guilty about the bad things they are doing.  Don’t say to the bully, “ I am not scared of you”, because he will do something that will make you scared!  Instead tell the bully. “ You need therapy”, and try to show them that people will mistreat them and harm them.  Last try to show them a video of bullying so they can realize their mistakes.

PS: Khush’s best friends are pretending for this picture. It’s not real!

Meeting Isaac Newton by Anna B.

POOF! My time machine gave a last effortless groan and I found myself I in a dark crimson room, with closed curtains, a blood red colored bed moving and groaning with pain, and… WAIT A MINUTE! A bed that was moving and groaning with pain? That was scientifically impossible! I took a step closer, tiptoeing right next to the stirring bed. I gasped. Right in front of me was Isaac Newton!!! Was he having a nightmare? I crept up to the curtains and slowly peeked outside the window. It was day! I had read two whole books about Isaac Newton, but none of them stated that he was a lazy man… They said that he was a painstaking scientist. Suddenly, I heard a thud, and a gruff voice groaned, 

“Who goes there?” 

I quickly opened the curtains fully, and saw not the eager scientist I read about, but a weak, suffering person with closed, shut eyes and white hair. Oh, right… he was wearing a wig… anyway, why was he in bed instead of doing his interesting experiments? I pulled my phone out of my rucksack, and took a picture or two of this unusual situation I was in… 

“What is that curious device you are holding in your wee hand?”

“This? Oh! Umm… this is a cell phone!” 

OH MY GOD, I gasped to myself. I was talking to the real, REAL Isaac Newton! I was barely clutching my urge to jump on him and ask him for any information about him; but staring at this pitiful looking man in bed who could barely see, I thought better of it.

As he fiddled around for a handkerchief, I quickly scooped up one and put it in his hand. 

“Thank you… ACHOO! How did you, a child come into my room?” 

“Oh! That is simple. With my time machine, and to be honest I came here accidentally… I actually wanted to go meet the puritans on the other side of the Atlantic! I just couldn’t help it thinking about you and your experiments and that’s how I found myself here.

“It is okay. Now come close, sit here…”

I sat on the fluffy bed and crept close.

“So, you have read about me, of course… Everyone has.”

I nodded.

“Good, very good. So, do you remember my dazzling light experiments where I found out that white light is a mixture of all colors?”

I nodded again.

“In between them, I did something very hazardous;”

“What was it?”

“I stared at the sun for a very long time… The results weren’t very good for me, because I kept seeing colorful blobs in my eyes, and now I’m forced to stay in this little…”

I shoved my fingers in my ears. I knew that this wouldn’t be a very fit conversation for me.

When he was done, he sighed deeply.

“I’m sorry for that moment. I’ll add it to my list of sins. Ahem… so where were we? Ah, yes. So, I’m forced to stay in this dark room with my eyes shut.”

“Oh, I’m sorry but I’d like to ask you some questions, because I want to become a scientist too, and I’d really need to know what it really takes to become one, besides the experiments which we are doing in class. We even managed to lift our teacher, you know.”

“What do you mean, lift your teacher? Don’t you know anything about gravity?” 

“Of course I do! But we didn’t just pick her up!”

“Then what did you do?”

I could see a glint of shame pass through his face as he asked that! 

“Well, we used a class 1 lever, a seesaw and we put our teacher on one side and one of us on the other!”

“Hmm… speaking of gravity…”

“Did you even hear what I said?”

“Huh? Oh, yes I heard you. Have you ever read about me discovering gravity with only one apple? It ruined my freshly powdered wig, but I did discover gravity…”

I groaned.

“What? You should have seen me… I was gorgeous! 

“Everyone else would have eaten the apple; you know, smutterers? But I, the smart Isaac, started asking why this always happens and figured out how gravity works and how it affects everything, even planets!”

“That’s very cool, but can you tell me more about your experiments now? I really want to find out about how you kept track of everything and how you tried out different things until you found out what you wondered about!”

“Patience and perseverance, my child! That’s all! When I want to find out something, I even deprive myself of sleep! I always figure out new ways to approach the problem, by experimenting and writing down the results instead of just discussing them like all natural philosophers before me used to do.”

“Exactly! That’s what we are doing. Now we are using pulleys to gain mechanical advantage. We try all possible combinations like double pulleys, you know,” I added in excitement. “We are writing down the results and share our infor-“

“WAIT, WHAT????” he bellowed. “You share your precious results with others? Do you have any idea about how many enemies I had when I shared one, only one piece of information?”

“How many?”


“Wow really? That many? Who were they?”

“Leibniz the math show off and Hooke the smutterer with Hooke being by far the worst. 

‘He really thought being smarter than me although he did only mistakes. And by the way no friends are needed. Just keep everything for yourself and publish only when your enemies are dead!”

“That’s mean! I love my friends and I like sharing results. No offense, but you really should revise your attitude towards others. Only sharing makes science even more fun.”

“I can’t agree less with that, child. At Trinity College, Cambridge, where I was a student and then a teacher I locked myself up to avoid any contact with morons.”

“Do you mean bullies?”

“Bullies? I dealt with them already in grammar school.”

“I know you rubbed one’s nose at your school’s wall. At my school violence is strictly forbidden. We deal with bullies verbally.”

“Verbally? Really? I can’t listen to this anymore. I’m tired and need to rest. Just enter your machine child and leave!”

I was astounded by his rudeness and was about to protest, when my image blurred and I woke up with holding a used handkerchief in my hand. 

“Mom, I have Isaac Newton’s snot!! I need a frame!!” 


Think Ink by Kaitlyn

Are you one of those people who print things over and over again just making little changes each time thinking, ‘’Oh this isn’t my money I’m wasting so I’m going to print away.’’ You’re sure right it’s not your money but it’s your recess equipment, new books at the library and all the other stuff the school pays for that you enjoy.

Ink can be very expensive costing about 13.12 euro for a cartridge (the package the ink comes in) that can print 250 pages. So think if about 350 students each print 100 papers a year the price would really add up. About how many more tetherballs could we have if we stopped wasting ink?

Also using so many ink cartridges is bad for our environment because trash is piling up and we have nowhere to put it.

Here are ways we can solve the problem:

  • When you’re at technology, only print papers you need not random pictures.
  • Make sure you don’t make letters and pictures bigger than they need to be.
  • Check to make sure you’re ready to print so you don’t have to print multiple times.

In conclusion, I think kids should start caring about the schools money, and our environment, and start making better choices.

My Spring Break at Hungary by Emilia

I was waiting for Easter since February. I knew that I was going to my dad at Hungary. Finally that day arrived! Before I left, my mom said: “I will miss you”, and then I got on the airplane, alone.

Nothing really exciting happened on the airplane. I was the last one to get out. We picked up my luggage and went to find my dad. When he saw me he hugged me. I looked at him to find out if something changed on him, but I think he had his hair shorter.

We went to many places but my favorite was when we went to a maze! My dad and I went in but when we found the emergency exit we went out… After, I told my dad, that I wanted us to go in again and whoever gets out from the normal exit wins. We had 8 minutes. We went in and counted to 3 then we started running to different directions. I went the right direction. After a while I was almost at the exit. I yelled to my dad to see if he was still in there and didn’t cheat. He told me that he got totally lost, but I didn’t want to help him because he would trick me and win. One minute later I got out first, he was almost there but he got lost again. I went back in so I could help him. Then we both got out.

“I can’t wait until the next time I come to Hungary,” I said at the airport before I left. He told me that his boss said to him that every month he will come to Greece one or two days but he will also see me! Then I went on the airplane. Usually when I leave from my dad I am sad, but because I knew that he was coming I was happy! When I went back to my mom, at Greece, we immediately went to the church.

That was my Easter. I hope next Easter will be as fun as this was.

The Maze Spring Break Hungary

My Easter Vacation by Itamar

How many times have you been on a flight? One, two, three or more? Well, I have been 8 times. Here is the story of what has happened in the ten days that were in between the 7th and the 8th flights.

On the first day of the vacation we woke-up at 6-o’clock and started the flight at 10-o’clock. We reached the destination: Israel, at 1-o’clock A.M. We went to a restaurant and ate some chips. Then went to a friend’s house and I played with him. It was fun! The next day we went to a city called Jaffa where we met relatives. On Saturday, I met even more relatives and tried meeting my friend again, however I didn’t succeed.

On Sunday, we had to visit an optometrist, to get an eye check up. After that we visited two museums and navigated around the place they were in with the map they gave us.

On Monday we traveled with some relatives around a water stream and afterwards saw a movie with them.

On Tuesday we met my mother’s friends and I played with their kids. Later, I played with some friends until 8-o’clock in the evening.

On Wednesday we had a huge family gathering. After several hours I left to play soccer with some friends. When I was back I was surprised to discover that the meeting wasn’t over yet!

On Thursday, we saw a movie with a friend and on Friday we met my friend and I played with him nearly all day long in things like table soccer and jokes.

On Saturday, I met 2-3 friends and played dodge ball with them and on Sunday I played a lot with a friend.

On Monday we took a flight back. Wow, time passes far too quickly!

Itamar's trip

Easter in Vienna by Penelope

On spring break I went to Vienna, Austria.  The weather was great the whole time we were in Vienna. On Good Friday we went to Prater Park, an amusement park that has awesome roller coasters. The first one I got on with my dad was called ‘’The Boomerang’’ and it was one of those roller coasters that had several loops that will turn you upside down. Then we took a little break and had something to eat. I tried the Schnitzel and it was very delicious.  After our food digested we continued to get on more roller coasters for the rest of the evening.

The Saturday before Easter we went to the Belvedere museum. It used to be someone’s summerhouse. Inside we saw the famous Klimt painting “The Kiss”. It was very large and there was personal security to guard the painting. Afterwards, we went to Mozart’s house. Mozart is one of the most famous pianists in the whole world. We did an audio tour that informed us about his life. After leaving Mozart’s house we walked around the Stephansdom cathedral, a very old Catholic church

On Easter Sunday morning we went to the Schonbrunn palace where a king and queen used to live. I thought that it is very ridiculous how big of a palace they had because you don’t need that much space. We also toured the gardens, which is the palace’s backyard. On Monday morning we left Vienna and returned to Athens.

Klimt’s painting- “The Kiss”                                                                  Mozart

Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart_1Klimt-The Kiss

My Trip to Rome by Kristjan

This Spring break I traveled to Rome. I was excited to go there, but first there was the annoying flight.  It was like 2 hours or something. Once we made it, we went to our hotel put our stuff in it and walked to the Colosseum. The Colosseum was a big arena for gladiator fights. We didn’t go inside first because of the long queue (line), we took pictures from the outside of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.  Then we went to the Forum instead  which was right next to the Colosseum.

The Forum was a place where the Ancient Senate was located. There were also lots of different markets in there. In the Forum we saw ruins of ancient Roman temples, some markets and other ruins of buildings which I don’t know what they are. Then we went to eat at a restaurant  – I had a real Italian PIZZA.

The second day we went back to see the Colosseum from the inside. It was COLOSSAL. It was also very broken and in ruins inside. Romans had a lot of gladiator fights there and even small naval battles. Additionally to provide the water to the City, ancient Romas used the aquaducts to fill the Colosseum with water and put ships in it and have a battle.

They would also let people fight wild and dangerous animals there. In Latin and modern Italian name of the Colosseum  is “Amphitheatro Flaviano“ which translstes to Flavian Amphitheater. It is named that because it was built by the Flavian family Emperors. It was started by Emperor Vespian  and finished by his son Emperor Titus.

Finally we walked to the Circus Maximus. There was nearly nothing left of it, just a pillar in a hole. Later we went to the Capitol Hill Museum where we saw the foot, hand and head of the Colossus of Constantine. There was also the statue of the Capitoline Wolf who fed the founders of the Rome – Romulus and Remus.

After that we just walked around and ate some PIZZA and then visited to my mind (in my opinion) the biggest fountain in Rome – The Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately it was out of order and under renovation. The legend says – if you throw a coin into the waters of the fountain, you will return to Rome some day. So we did (but it hit the concrete) and I hope to return to Rome some day and see the fountain in its real beauty.

The next day we went to the Vatican City museum. We saw some old statues and a courtyard with a really cool modern art piece. There was a long hallway with the ceiling painted so well, if you looked at it, it had carvings like statues in 3D, but it was actually painted on a flat surface. It totally fooled me.

Finally we saw the Sistine Chapel. It had some paintings by some of the best artists from the time like Rafael and Michelangelo of the Renaissance. We didn’t see the big church of  St. Peter from the inside though.

On the final day we wanted to go to the church again in Vatican City, but there was a line that would have lasted for a couple hours and church would close early that day. We would have not made it. Instead we just hung out and walked around the old town of the Rome. We ate PIZZA and saw some cool Roman helmets which we didn’t buy because we could not have taken one on the plane.

Eventually we went to the airport, but the flight was around 4 hours late, so that wasn’t fun again. Once we made it back I went to sleep around four o’clock in the morning.

Capitoline Wolf Colosseum at night Colosseum from inside Hallway in Vatican painted 3D St. Peter's Church at night The Trevi Fountain Pacman - Famous Italian food

Stinky Boots in the French Alps by Mark

Sorry about the title I just needed to write it. It’s probably the biggest funny event of my ski vacation. Firstly on Friday night we arrived at the Chalet Les Rhododendron in the village of Les Brevieres, Tignes, France. It took a while to get there, but it was worth the 7 days of skiing. Before we got to our B&B (bed and breakfast) we crossed the border from Geneva, Switzerland to France. I thought there would be more security at the border, but there wasn’t much.
The van we took dropped us of about 15 meters from the chalet.

Saturday morning was when we went to rent out our ski equipment from Inter-sport.
When we got everything set up I was on the slopes in no time. It was really foggy
you could hardly see the trail pole markings. For dinner we had pizza from the
best pizzeria we have discovered in France. For dessert we got ice cream.
I got raspberry and my brother got chocolate.

On Sunday morning I learned my lesson. On Saturday I forgot to put sunscreen on and I got sunburned all over. When my family and I went on the gondola we got news that a
chairlift was closed because of heavy winds. Dinner was exciting we ordered beef
that was served raw and we would cook it ourselves on a stone platter.

During Monday morning I skied with the owners of the chalet, Hubert and Veronique.
After two hours we went our own directions because Veronique and Hubert had work to
do, so they went back to the chalet. Since my family and I were enjoying skiing so
much we lost track of time and got on the last chairlift up to our arrival.

On Tuesday morning my brothers stinky ski boots kicked in and the whole living room smelt like socks not washed for 40 days. It is seriously stank worse than all the French cheeses I’ve tried. My dad said that the fetid smell would go away, but I was not so sure about that. When we got to the slopes the sun came out and everything was great. That night we had a French and Swiss delicacy called raclette. It was good with a rich taste.
Skiing at the French Alps was fun!

French cheese         Ski trip

A Trip to Cyprus by Marialena

During my Easter break, I had a wonderful time. Me, my mom, and my dad left on Wednesday and went to Limassol, a place in Cyprus. Cyprus is a big and beautiful island. It has a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Cyprus has a lot of places you can visit and it has a lot you can do there like go to the beach, go to the water park, and go to the mountains called “Trodos”. We stayed for five days in Limassol in a beautiful hotel. It was, a tall building with nice big gold letters, writing the hotel’s name. Outside, it had a red carpet on the staircase leading to the entrance. Big vases were also placed on the floor with different kind of flowers to decorate the hotel. The entrance, had huge Easter eggs and a chocolate fountain. Next to the fountain there were five bowls filled with fresh strawberries, that we could dip in the delicious chocolate running down the fountain.

Everyday we woke up about 9 o’clock and I went outside to the veranda to watch as the waves of the sea landing on the people’s towels and becoming foam. Sometimes the sea was wavy but other times not. We all went downstairs to eat our exquisite breakfast. I usually ate pancakes with a yummy syrup or honey. I also ate a toast and an apple. In addition I drank hot chocolate, milk with cereal, or a fresh orange juice. From the room that we took our breakfast we had a nice view of the big swimming pool with a wonderful blue color. Later on during the day, we would put our bathing suit and dive into the pool. We also went to the beach. My mom and I played rackets and then we all played volleyball in the cold sea. In the swimming races that we all did together I was the one that usually won. I also dove deep in the sea and found several big seashells.

During the night we went to restaurants to eat. One time we went with some friends to eat fish and other seafood. After, for a dessert we went to a café where they had crepes and waffles. I got a crepe filled with nutella, white chocolate, and crumbs of biscuit. Its taste was amazing and delicious. When we finished eating we returned to the hotel and went to bed.

During the holy week we went to the church. On Sunday we celebrated Easter with some very good friends from Athens. We ate lamb, kokoretsi which is a Greek traditional food that we eat during Easter (meat), and other food from Cyprus. When we finished eating we cracked eggs. Cracking eggs is another Greek tradition where two people crack eggs, and then whose ever egg breaks the other person wins (the person without a broken egg). My mom’s egg didn’t break so she was the winner. At the end we all ate sweets and chocolate eggs (Greek tradition).

I wish next year we can go to Cyprus or another place and have a marvelous time like this one.

Easter at Gythio by Asimina

This Easter I had a great time with my cousins and my family. We visited Gythio and we got to see friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. We also got to go to my grandpa’s village where we climbed a very big and old tree. Gythio is a small city located in Laconia .It’s 43 kilometers south of Sparta. Our house is in Mavrovouni which is right outside Gythio.

First my aunt and my cousins came from Cyprus to Greece. We met our new baby cousin because my aunt just had a baby! We stayed to Athens for two days and then we started our trip. Our trip was long and tiring. However we were all glad when we arrived cause we saw our grandpa and we were all very excited for our long week of no school and work.

At Gythio my aunt and I went shopping and then altogether we went to my friend’s house to play. You won’t believe it but we spent our whole time playing hide and seek ! You might find this game lame but if you play it with many people it’s actually fun!!!! It was fun when we went to my grandpa’s village and we had lots of fun there too ! We ate some really delicious food , we took some really pretty photos and we got to climb on this big, old and giant tree!!!! My dog also got to have a friend because my grandpa’s dog was there and also we got to go to a really good restaurant that had really good food.We had some dance lessons with my aunt .She taught us some Greek traditional dances.

This spring break was one of the best spring breaks I’ve had and I wish I had a spring break like that again.

We went  for a swimMy sister and I climbing a very old tree

Coloring Easter eggs

Meet our new intern, Ms Buzza!


 Hello Grade 5! My name is Ms. Buzza and I cannot wait to meet you this week! I am in my final year of universiy for learning how to be a teacher, I attend the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I love science, reading, and swimming. I have never been to Greece (or even Europe) before, so I’m sure you will have a lot to show me and tell me about! 

In Canada, our Easter was last weekend and children wake up eagerly to go on an Easter egg hunt and see what the Easter bunny has brought. What are your Easter traditions? I hope the rest of your break is wonderful and I am looking forward to getting to know you over the next month!