6 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. Dear Everyone

    The Pi day celebration seemed fun! I wish I could have been there. What did you do during Pi day in math? Those cakes look delicious. Happy Pi day everyone!


  2. Dear class,
    It seems like we had lots of fun on Pi Day. It would be really fun if we had Pi Day everyday.Thank you Ms. Evloyias, Mrs. Kynigou and Mrs. Maratou for bringing us treats.

    your classmate,

  3. Dear Miss Coklas’s class,
    These are very cool pictures and some are even funny. I was having fun, just as much as the pictures showed Miss Coklas’s class having fun.


  4. Dear Class,
    I think that you all had fun on Pi Day as I did. That Friday was the best! The donuts and all the other treats were delicious. Thank you Ms. Maratou, Ms. Evloyias and Ms. Kynigou, for bringing them, we really enjoined it!

    Your classmate,

  5. Dear Ms.Evi’s class,
    Our class had so much fun doing this, and it seems like you did too! I really like how your class has been the ‘journalists’ of the blog, and how you have funny pictures and explain what you did in detail. The pictures look hilarious and thanks to our teachers for bringing the yummy treats! Hooray for pi!

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