Experimenting With Levers and Pulleys by Daphne and Ellie M.

Using a kit with levers and pulleys we decided to experiment and created some simple machines from the instructions booklet. We made a see-saw (lever), a pair of scissors (lever), a flagpole (pulley) and a balance scale (lever).  The see-saw and scale reminded us of the ‘lift the teacher challenge’ because you could lift a heavier load using a lighter load by positioning the heavy load closer to the fulcrum! Here is a video of the machines we made:

8 thoughts on “Experimenting With Levers and Pulleys by Daphne and Ellie M.

  1. Dear Daphne and Ellie M.,
    I really like the video that you have made.
    Also, I really like how you actually built a type of
    pulley and a type of lever and it was very well built.

  2. Dear Daphne and Ellie,
    I loved your ideas. I think I will try some of them at home.
    You are very creative.

    Your classmate,

    1. Dear Nethmi and Penny,
      Thanks for commenting! If you want to build them at home I think you can use other materials (lego maybe) or by combining parts from different kits. I am glad you liked our video and simple machines!

  3. Dear Ellie and Daphne

    It is awesome that you built these levers and pulleys. I like the design of the scissors.
    Did you make theese at school or at home? Well done!


  4. Dear Daphne and Ellie M.,
    I really liked the video and how you explained everyting about the pulleys and the balance and about lifting the teacher.Also it was very funny at the end when you made the mistakes but great job!!!
    From Tom and Jerry

  5. Dear Tom and Jerry,
    Thanks for commenting on our article! We were going to delete the videos with the mistakes but we decided to include them at the end of the video!
    Daphne 🙂

  6. Dear Ellie. M and Daphne,
    Wow I think it was an awesome video. I liked the scissors! They were so cool!! 🙂 I have a question, what did you use to make the scissors, the pulley, and the balance?

    1. Dear Marialena,
      Thanks for commenting! I also liked the scissors a lot too! 🙂 The kit we used is a K’NEX Levers and Pulleys kit. Ms. Maratou has asked me to bring it in so you will see it this week!

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