School by Ellie T

School is cool,

So never be a fool,

You can write with a pencil,

But you can also use a stencil.

If you make progress,

You will be able to go to recess,

You are able to play tag,

But please don’t start to brag.

You also eat lunch,

With a crunch, crunch, crunch.

Three times a week,

You will have Greek.

In the class,

You can experiment with a magnifying glass,

You might have tests,

And they might not be the best.

There are also many other specials,

Like music, art and physical education.

School is fun,

You get to learn and play with your friends,

But most important of all it’s a place,

To make mistakes,

And even learn from these mistakes.

So, please go to school you will learn,

And you will learn the respect you need to earn.


10 thoughts on “School by Ellie T

  1. Dear Ellie,
    I enjoyed your poem a lot. It was very funny and I laughed a lot when I read it. I also liked the words you chose to make your poem rhyme. Visitors to ACS might read this poem to learn about our school, because you included information like: ” Three times a week, you will have Greek.”!
    Your friend,
    Daphne (Googa) 😀

  2. I think your poem is very funny !! I have to admit I like school but I REALLY can’t stand homework!!

  3. Dear Ellie T,
    Your poem was terrific! I loved how it rhymed and had true facts, like you will have Greek three days a week. I can’t wait to read another one of your poems.
    Your Friend,
    The Potter Fan

  4. Dear Ellie T.

    I agree with you that school is cool and that you learn from your mistakes. I really liked your poem and how you made everything rhyme.

    From your friend,

  5. Dear Asimina and Emmanouil,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I can’t wait to read one of your stories or poems!
    Ellie T

  6. Dear Ellie T,
    Great job! It was a wonderful poem! As you know I think rhyming poems are fun to read! I enjoyed reading your poem about school! It was like a persuasive writing trying to convince students to like school! Writing a persuasive poem is even harder than an essay! Wonderful! Keep up the good work! Wow! In your poem you said about progress, I can see that you are progressing everyday! 🙂
    Your friend,

  7. Dear Ellie T.

    School is a fun place to go. I enjoy it the same ways as you do, but things are not always good.
    You must know that there are a little more bad things in school. Other then that you did a good job on your poem.

    From, M&M

  8. Dear Ellie T.
    I think that your poem is really funny and I like how it rhymes.I agree with the things you say in your poem. A lot of it is true and making mistakes is part of learning.

  9. Dear Ellie T,
    Your poem was awesome! I liked that you made words rhyme. As I was reading your poem it sounded really happy. I totally agree that school is cool. SCHOOL RULES!!!!!!!!
    Your friend,

  10. Dear Ellie T.,
    I really liked your poem and that you used rhyming wordings in it. I also liked that in your poem you had good arguments, both good and bad. I totally agree that we learn from our mistakes.

    Your friend,

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