Save the Animals by Sara

Animals are our friends,

Don’t put them down,

Or make them frown,

Because you will cause a mass destruction.

Show them your love,

Even in May with the sun above.

Don’t harm a friend please mend the hate,

And don’t you dare break their heart,

As they are fragile and sensitive like a porcelain doll.

Don’t hurt their feelings if you must say No,

Just give them a warm smile,

And pet them on their soft furry skin.

Show them love,

For you are their mate,

And they are your fate.

Save the animals today,

Save their lives,

And you will save the day!


7 thoughts on “Save the Animals by Sara

  1. Dear Sara,
    I agree that we should save animals.Plus I am an animal lover.
    I can’t wait to hear another poem of yours!!!!!


  2. Dear Sara,
    I loved your poem and the words that you used, I also agree that we should save the animals.

    Your friend,

    P.S. I like the picture that you put. 😛

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