Flying a successful kite! By Anna B.


I love flying kites. The whole year I’m waiting for “Kathari Deutera” literarily meaning “Clean Monday”. It is traditionally the day when children in Greece are heading to windy places and compete with each other in flying their kites as high as possible. This year though the weather didn’t support my plans. It rained and rained the whole day!

Last Sunday though, my family and I decided to pretend that it was still Clean Monday. I grabbed my kiteand hopped with my dog Fivo into the car. We had decided to go up the mountain of Imitos. While we were in the car, I had already the great view of the mountain, and smell the fresh air of the warm, beautiful top in my head. The trip was very short, and while parking I admired the grassy puffs everywhere around the vehicle. Walking up I had a majestic view of the city glistening in the sun.  I was amazed by that sight, and kept sneaking admiring looks at it.

After what seemed of an hour of wandering through the jungle of thyme and other herbs, we finally found the perfect space for the kite flight. It was a small clearing, but enough for allowing me to run up and down with my kite. My dog supported every effort by letting out a small bark each time I didn’t succeed getting the kite up. Then the wind gave me an advantage and as I was running it lifted up the kite, keeping it up continuously blowing at it.

Now comes the crucial moment. As soon as the kite stays up in the sky you have quickly to release the string allowing the kite to get higher and higher. From now on it’s a piece of cake. The more string you have the higher the kite will reach. It was a great feeling watching my kite up that high and being connected with it with my string. I got so excited that when I went home I wrote down a poem.


The kite


We’re getting ready for the flight,

Of the awesome pretty kite.

Flying up in the sky,

Peeps’ admiring it while it’s high

Oh hello there, pretty kite,  

But I can’t reach you up that high!


Many colors, nice and bright,

Shining magically in the light.

1,2,3 throw it high,

Leave it floating in the sky!

Oh, hello there, pretty kite,

But I can’t reach you up that high!



Getting higher every time,

Looking down to me with pride

Up and up this kite will climb,

Only it can reach me though!

Begging me for some more rope,

Now we are in perfect tune!

Oh, hello there, pretty kite,

Could reach you up that high?

So, whenever you feel like flying a kite and the weather allows it, don’t hesitate, just go and do it!!!






4 thoughts on “Flying a successful kite! By Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna,

    I really liked your poem. I wish you do another one! I also liked how you got the poem from a happy part of your life. I think remembering things of the past gived you a really special idea for your pantoum.

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Anna B.,
    Wow that was a very nice writing about how to fly kites. I really liked your poem and how you repeated some verses.


    P.S: I tried flying a kite a weak ago but when it was up high the string broke!

  3. Dear Anna B.
    I like your directions on how to fly a kite. Also I liked the way you described your view on the mountain.
    P.S. I also liked your poem to. 😀

    From, M&M

  4. Dear Anna,
    You described Mt. Imitos and the view from there very well! I also liked your poem and how you repeated the lines “Oh, hello there, pretty kite, Could I reach you up that high?”. Perhaps you could have included more tips about flying kites. Every time I try to fly one, it ends up on the ground or in a tree :D! Can you write another article with more information and maybe some places that are windy and good for flying kites? Maybe you can write another poem too!
    Your friend,
    Daphne 🙂

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