PJ Day Every Day! by Daphne

Pajama-Day Picture

Dear Ms. Maratou,

I think ACS students should be allowed to wear PJs and slippers to school every day and be able to bring a stuffed animal. I know that this has some problems, like the fact that we could get cold in the winter when we wear PJs, but I have four good reasons for why we should.

Everyone knows that PJs have the power of S.L.E.E.P. (Super Large and Epic Emotion of Power). You don’t? This is what S.L.E.E.P. does: every time you wear PJs you get a surge of power. This can only happen to kids age 12 and below. The kids will have extra energy when they wear their PJs. This will help teachers in two ways. First, we will have so much energy that P.E. will not tire us. Secondly, having extra energy means being able to pay attention easier. This will help teachers because the lessons will finish faster and without interruptions.

PJs also help us have more self-control, as recent scientific studies have shown. This way, we will not play tag and lag behind in line or shout when we pass the ‘zone of silence’. We would get to places faster and have a straighter line with no gaps. Kids will not stay in for recess because they were playing tag in line if they can tell themselves to stop playing tag. Kids will not bully or be mean to anyone because with PJs on they can control their actions. In class, we will remember the rules and not call out or interrupt you when you are explaining something.

Another reason we should wear PJs every day is that we will be able to get ready easily and get to school earlier. We will not have to waste time picking which clothes or shoes to wear. We will get to school faster and not miss any lesson time. Our clothes will be comfortable and we won’t worry about not being able to run or jump in our stiff everyday clothes.

Then there is the argument about stuffed animals. Everyone knows they are like siblings to us. You understand how hard it is to be away from them every day. If we could only bring them with us, perhaps we would be more jubilant and positive throughout the day. We would have ‘encouragement and help’ from our toys because we love them so much. We could play with them during recess and not complain about having no playground equipment or having to wait in line for tetherball. (And if we make a mistake in the spelling test we will say “It’s Teddy’s fault! He told me how to spell that word!”)

These are my four reasons for why we should wear PJs to school every day. I believe this will improve our school and make it a better place for students and teachers alike. I hope our school will realize that this is the way to improve the way students learn and behave: PJs should be the official school uniform for ACS!

Your concerned student,


17 thoughts on “PJ Day Every Day! by Daphne

  1. Dear Daphne,

    I don’t think those reasons you have are reasonably correct. You see P.J.s are really soft and comfortable but they do not give you super powers.

    P.S. I think Ms.Maratou is not going to let you have P.J.s everyday sadly. 😕


  2. Dear Daphne,
    I think your letter to Ms.Maratou was great. Also I like how you said jubilant and I like how you put some words in capital.


  3. Dear Daphne

    I have two things to say. Number one, I think your reasons will SURELY bring PJ’s into our normal day routine, and number two, wouldn’t it have been good to mention the PJ’s QUIRKS (i.e that it gives off small quantities greater road potatoes and these boost self control)

  4. Dear Daphne,

    I would love to have PJ day EVERYDAY! I don’t understand still how PJs give superpowers. I also like your idea of S.L.E.E.P and I think its pretty funny. You did a great job and I think Mrs. Maratou will let us come with PJ because of your letter! YAY!

    Your friend,

  5. Dear M&M,
    You mean your parents haven’t bought you the OTHER kind of PJs? 😀
    Thanks for commenting,
    P.S. Ms. Maratou said we could write fictional reasons.

  6. Dear Daphne,

    I think that your reasons are funny but very,very reasonable.Also I think that the guy that said that PJs have those amazing powers must be like a crazy scientist but also a very intelligent man. Finally, someone understood how much precious time time we lose when changing from our PJs to our everyday clothes.

    YEEEEEES someone who agrees,

  7. Dear, Daphne
    I liked your persuasive letter it was really funny and entertaining.
    I like the fact you were very creative with your reasons and thoughts.
    Maybe next time you could make your reasons more realistic, although
    they did make me laugh out loud. I have to say PJ’s are very comfy, soft and
    PJ’s “definitely” give you Super Large Epic Emotion of Power.

    P.S. I “positively” think Ms. Maratou was convinced by your compelling and impeccable

    Sincerely, Mark. (:

  8. Dear Daphne,
    Most of your reasons are reasonable but the power of sleep will not convince Ms.Maratou to let us wear P.J.s that much.
    I liked your persuasive letter a lot because some of your reasons were very good. You should continue writing persuasive letters.

    From Your friend,

  9. Dear Daphne,
    I really liked your 4 reasons especially the one with the teddy’s fault for the spelling test.


  10. Dear Everyone,
    Thank you very much for commenting!

    -Penny: I decided I wanted to make some words bold so that my main points in each paragraph stand out. Last year we learned many new words and some of them sounded better than some plain verbs and adjectives so I replaced some words and phrases with more colorful ones!
    -Emi: PJs don’t really give you superpowers, I made that up as part of the letter, because I chose to write a comical persuasive letter! If someone discovers PJs with superpowers I hope they also find a cloak of invisibility or sandals that make you fly!
    -Mark: In my next persuasive letter, I think I will use realistic reasons. I am glad that you also think Ms. Maratou “will allow” us to wear PJs every day!
    -Emmanouil: After a looong comment about our colonial debate with realistic arguments, I decided I wanted to write something with funny fictional arguments!
    -Nethmi: I think that if we could bring a stuffed animal to class, we would definitely blame him/her for anything that we did wrong!

    Once again thank you very much for commenting, I really appreciate it!

    Your PJ loving friend,
    Daphne 😀

  11. Dear Daphne,

    I really liked your explanation about having PJ’s everyday. I totally agree with that. My favorite part was when you explained what does S.L.E.E.P. meant.

    Your sleepy friend,

  12. Dear Daphne,
    I think you are really going to convince the teachers to have pajama day everyday. I liked your convincing reasons. I believe it was a wonderful persuasive writing!
    By Marie

  13. Dear Daphne,

    I really liked your persuasive letter. It was funny and could convince someone who has not read about scientific studies lately(maybe). I liked all the reasons, but especially liked the last one about the blaming it on the stuffed animal.

    -Your convinced classmate,


  14. Dear Daphne,

    I really liked your story and thought that the first reason was very, very funny. You should also make more stories like this.

    From your classmate,

  15. Dear Daphne,

    I like your letter and I think that the power of S.L.E.E.P really does exist [the P.J were made to do the exact opposite], but not many of the stuffed animals are good at spelling. Most
    are brilliant at Science and some are Amazing at Mathematics!

    your friend,

  16. Dear Marie, Chriz and David,
    Thanks for commenting! Hopefully, everyone has been convinced and will let us wear PJs to school. I might write more letters and post them and have more fictional reasons!
    Your classmate,

  17. Dear Itamar,
    Thank you very much for commenting! I never knew stuffed animals are bad at spelling! Mine is great at reading and has read 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 etc. books in his lifetime! He is actually horrible at science and OK at math.
    From you friend,
    Your comment was very funny and I laughed a lot when I read it!

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