WWF by Chrysonoe, and Steleeza.

Hello, we are the program Give Money Save Animals. Now the WWF program is meeting with lawyers and are voting for the animals rights. Pretty soon we are hoping that they are going to say NO to Pet City, and Pet Shops. We also want to stop Zoos because they also have wild animals there and animals are not prisoners!
We have collected 140.40 Euros with YOUR help and Ms Cathy is going to give it to WWF when they come to present at our assembly later in the year. Thank you for your contributions! 
Love, Steleeza & Chrysonoe, 5th Grade.


2 thoughts on “ WWF by Chrysonoe, and Steleeza.

  1. Dear Girls,
    Thank you for trying to stop the pet city and pet shops from being cruel and selling animals. We really want your goal to come true!!!!
    Your friend !

  2. I like your story very much,but why stop zoos? Some animals have been saved by zoos. What if there is an endangered animal and the zoo keeps it and then lets them recover from the danger and frees them again?

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