Add your Funny Conversations! By Mrs Kynigou

What does a pillow think of being slept on?

What would your chair say if he could talk?


Lately we’ve been practicing dialogue punctuation by writing dialogues with everyday objects!

Some of these conversations are really hilarious! Here are a couple from my class.

If you would like to add one of your own, write it into a comment below so we keep all the conversations grouped together in the same thread. 

Looking forward to hearing what your everyday objects are saying to YOU!




“Uh, gotta wake up,” Ann-Marie yawned, while her alarm clock’s sound pierced her ears.

 “No, stay, please. You’re warm and you’re the only friend I have besides Mr. Hair and Mrs. Lice,” begged Mr. Cotton, who was Ann-Marie’s pillow.

 “No, I’ve got to get ready for school,” Ann-Marie exclaimed, as her mom was yelling across the house.

 “No, I’m sooo fluffy,” Mr. Cotton said, luring Ann-Marie into a deep, deep sleep.


 “ Mr. Cotton, I’m really angry at you!” Ann-Marie belted. “It’s 10:00am!”

 Oups,” Mr. Cotton said sarcastically.

 “Oh man, I’m getting up,” Ann-Marie thundered.

 “He he he,” Mr.Cotton thought under his breath.

 Ann-Marie got up, ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth, and got dressed. After that, she checked the date.

 “Saturday,” she mumbled. “It’s Saturday! Mr.Cotton, I’m going to replace you right away!” Ann-Marie yelled at the top of her lungs.

 Ow! That hurt!” Mr.Cotton cried.

 “ Yay! I’m going sailing! Never mind Mr.CottonEr, I’m sorry,” Ann-Marie said, psyched.


After Ann-Marie left for sailing Mr.Cotton was becoming more evil: “ I got to start planning my revenge…” Those were the last words Mr.Cotton said before he was dumped in the trash can. No one saw him again, but no one was sure he was REALLY gone…





Chair Dialogue by Chrysonoe 

“Hey, hey, you are sitting on me!” exclaimed chair.

“Sorry, it’s just so comfortable and cozy.” whispered Chrysonoe.

“Well ok, but can you sit on your jacket?” the chair bellowed.

“Why?” Chrysonoe asked in confusion.

“Because I ‘am sick,” and then the chair sneezed.

“Really, how can a chair be sick?” questioned Chrysonoe.

“Well, I just get sick, and can you get me a pill?” snorted the chair.

“Sure, I’ll get you ten!” laughed Chrysonoe.

“Thank you, very much,” gulped the chair.

“No problem, now I need to go,” Chrysonoe snapped.

“Bye,” the chair told Chrysonoe.

“Bye,” Chrysonoe replied.




5 thoughts on “Add your Funny Conversations! By Mrs Kynigou

  1. Conversation with my empty journal

    “Write on me,” my journal moaned, “something, anything!”
    “Hush!” I whispered, “I’m trying to think!”
    “Well, if you would’ve been in my place, you would be dying of hunger here!” the journal cried.
    “Then what should I write my dialogue about?” I asked irritably.
    “Um, me!” the journal exclaimed proudly.
    “Can I have a different idea?” I asked.
    “No, so start writing,” my journal sighed disapprovingly.
    “Then how should I start it?” I asked sourly.
    “ Hmm… Let’s see…” the journal thought, then said, “how about, ‘Hello, Mr. Journal!’ ”
    “Give me a different one,” I said bitterly.
    “Then how about this: ‘You are the smartest and hungriest journal in the world, Mr. Journal!’ ” my journal thought blankly. He finally burst out, “Write something! I can’t do all of the work!”
    “Eureka!” I screamed, “I’ve got it!
    “Honey?” My mom asked, “Is everything alright?”
    I heard footsteps.
    ”What’s going on? She asked curiously, “I heard you scream, and came right away.”
    “Umm… I just can’t find an idea for my dialogue…” I stammered.
    “Oh!” My mom exclaimed, “just write about your journal!”
    I sighed.

  2. Dear Anna B,
    Good job on that poem. I laughed out loud when I read the ending, and I think it was a great kicker. I hope you comment on the blog more, and I always am inspired by your writing and poems! Good job!
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Ann-Marie,
    I really liked your dialogue with the pillow. I liked the part in the end where Mr.Cotton turned evil but couldn’t have revenge because he was dumped in the trash can. Great job!


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