Good Bye!!! by Madhawan

Hello!! Some of you may know the news that I am leaving on the 27th of February to Bahrain forever. I will absolutely miss all of the people here as well as the cuisine of Greece. It was a great year in 5th grade with all of the best students there can be. I will be gone, but I will keep in touch with everyone with moodle and other communication forms (ex: Skype, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail etc.)

It was by far THE best posting my family and I have been to. When I had first come here, in 2nd grade, I didn’t know how to say a single word but with all of your assistance, I learned English as my second language very easily! However, when I moved onto 3rd grade,  things started to get a bit more intense. I had to move to the intermediate Greek class; which I could barely go through, but somehow still manage to get through it in 4th and 5th grade.

In general I was a fast learner and knew most of what we did in math because in the Indian schools you had to learn your multiplications by heart in 2nd grade, I had really loathed that but I did become one of the fastest mathematicians in 4th grade. I was pretty happy to be a good mathematician and get good grades but the only 2 subjects my grades were low in were Greek and  HW.   These were the things that slowed me down.

However, I was really jubilant that I had tons of friends to hang out with and occasionally to joke around with. It was an obscure year, I had many slow-downs and speed-ups but I had met new friends and started liking art a bit more than I used too.   What I am trying to say, although the many obstacles in my transition to Greece and at ACS, I have had the best years in my life with all of you. I’ll keep in touch with you all! I will send videos now and then as well and I’ll be sure to participate in all of the occasions I can.

In conclusion, I will miss all of my friends!!! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know how to play basketball, know how to code, and many more which would take me a long time to write down. But I will miss every single one of my classmates and my teachers!

I always wished I could stay here in Greece!  when I first found out that we were moving, in the beginning my father had a posting to Norway, of which I was happy of because I would be able to see Isak and Live there at times.   However, when we learned that someone else had taken Norway, our only choice was to wait and we got the posting to Bahrain; which I don’t hate I would have liked to have some of my old friends there if I could.

I couldn’t achieve what I have done so thus far without all of you! Thank you for your support along with all of the teachers who taught me what I needed to know.  I hope I will see you sometime when I come for vacation, and I’ll definitely stay in touch! So you do too! See You All! Bye!


6 thoughts on “Good Bye!!! by Madhawan

  1. Dear Madhawan,
    I really liked your good bye story and we will all miss you verry much! I hope that you will find lots of new friends in Bahrain and that you will also like and enjoy your new school! Make sure to keep writing some fantastic stories on the blog!
    Ellie T

  2. Dear Madhawan,
    SERIOUSLY?! I didn’t know you were leaving, so I was shocked when I read this!I hope you enjoy yourself in Bahrain. We will all miss you. By the way, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? Bye 😦

    1. Dear Ann Marie,
      I do not remember telling you that I will leave but at least you found out sooner or later. I really think a woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
      Your friend,
      Madhawan K.

  3. Dear Madhawan,
    I loved your story!! I will really miss your presence and your friendship. We will talk on skype! I already miss you a lot!
    Your Friend,

  4. Dear Madhawan,
    I am really sad that you left. I liked your good bye story. I will miss you a lot. I hope you will have a great time in your new school.

    You friend,

  5. Madhawan I love your goodbye. I hope you have a good time and you meet new friends and
    get a good school were you will play fun sports with other people.I will never forget you
    and the good times we had.

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