Why Snowboarding is an Awesome Sport by Vaios

Snowboard is a winter sport that I think you would all like. I personally have been snowboarding, for more than two years. I like this sport because it is totally cool, full of excitement and risk. If you are going to snowboard for the first time you might feel a bit scared but at the same time you will feel the passion on the board! After a few lessons you will feel the energy and you will want to go faster and faster. When you feel ready you can jump over small cliffs and if you are a pro you can do flips. Check what this guy does:


Helpful Snowboarding Tips

Let me give you some tips incase you want to try snowboarding.  First you need to have the weight on your “bad” foot, the one which is not as strong as the other one. Then you need to put your foot in the front of the board. After that, you try to have balance. If any of you have done wakeboard, skateboard or rip stick remember that the skills you already have will help you on the snowboard because all of them need the same balance. The direction of the board needs to be facing front and then you let yourself go down the hill. When you want to stop you turn your body vertically, but remember push your heel back and down and your toes up. Be careful to not push your toes front and down and your heel up because you will fall facing down immediately. Moreover, there is another way to stop. You need to turn around vertically so you look up to the hill and you do the exact opposite thing.

In order for you to go snowboarding you need the right equipment. You need to go to a ski or snowboard rental store so you buy or rent your equipment. First you need to buy the most important thing, your helmet because it protects you from all your falls.


This photo shows a very good helmet. Also you need to buy thermals; warm clothes and gloves. Be careful what you choose as you need to be warm all the time due to the cold weather in the mountain.

You need to rent or buy a snowboard. There are numerous kinds of snowboards you can rent or buy. If you buy you select your own.

Check these cool boards out:


You cannot do snowboard without having boots, so you will rent or buy boots as well. They are tall and heavy and protect your foot from getting injured.


I challenge and invite you to explore the fun of snowboarding because we can all have fun together on the mountains. Eventually, when we are teenagers, we will be able to go snowboarding on our own. Just like these guys:


11 thoughts on “Why Snowboarding is an Awesome Sport by Vaios

  1. My Friend Vaios,
    I am really surprised that you wrote that much about snowboarding! I love all the pictures of the snowboards! My favorite one is the third to the top, the dark cyan one. It was eye-catching, and has an amazing design! Loved your story Vaios. Hope to read more from you! See you around!
    A friend,
    Madhawan (TechnoMaster500)\
    P.S: Could you send me a picture of your snowboard? I would love to see how yours looks!

    1. Dear Madhawan,
      Thank you for your great comments! I will post more pictures and will also add a second part.
      Your Friend,

  2. Dear Vaios,
    I loved your essay about snowboarding and I was surprised with all the information, pictures and descriptions you used. I really liked how you explained each picture and some tips of all the gear that we need to buy so we can snowboard. I hope you continue snowboarding! I am waiting to read more of your wonderful stories.

    Your classmate,
    PS. Your tips for snowboarding were great!

  3. Dear Vaios,
    I really LOVED your essay about snowboarding. Tommorow I’m going to ski around Delphi. My brother and I wanted to snowboard too. I think this is great information about snowboarding and I think I can teach my brother by all your explanations. I also really liked that you didn’t list and it wasn’t boring beacause some of the explanations other snowboard teachers give are really boring. Awesome Essay!!!!!
    Your Friend,
    See Eun

    1. Dear See Eun,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I think you will be a great teacher to your brother! You will hear more on part 2, after I go snowboarding with my friend Thanasis next week.
      Your Friend,

  4. Dear Vaios,
    I really liked your essay about snowboarding. You are teaching us a really valuable lesson. I hope you write part 2. Good job!
    Your friend,
    Francesca 😀
    P.S. I hope you had fun snowboarding with Thanasis!

  5. Dear Vaios,
    Wow! Snowboarding sounds really fun! I think that maybe I will try it out. Could you tell me where I can take classes?


    1. Dear Catarina,

      Kalavrita ski center, Parnassos or even Florina are some of the places you can go. If you have any other questions please ask me, I would love to answer them.

  6. Dear Vaios,
    I really liked your report and I liked your tips too.
    You did a great job with the pictures. It was nice you added the challenge at the
    end too. I like the fact you said it’s a risky sport, and I’m positively sure it is.
    P.S. Though I liked your report you still did not answer the question. Why is it an
    amazing sport Vaios?

    From your friend,

    1. Dear Mark,
      Thank you for the kind comments. It’s an amazing and super cool sport for all the reasons I wrote in the blog. I also liked your writing about the Sea Snakes because I like snakes!
      Your Friend,

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