Sea Snakes by Mark

The sea snake is a poisonous marine snake.It is not aggressive unless its handled roughly, but it is still quite dangerous.Some are highly toxic and can grow to about 7 1/2 feet long. It has special lungs so it can stay in water for 8 hours.The most poisonous sea snake is the Belcher’s sea snake. It is the most poisonous snake in the world. Just a few milligrams of it’s venom is enough to kill a 900 people.It is found in South East Asia and Northern Australia. It is so toxic that it may have the strongest venom on planet Earth. There is no antidote. The bite quickly causes nausea, blindness and then death.The victims of the sea snake are usually fisherman.The yellow bellied sea snake is also one of the most dangerous sea snakes. It is a lot less toxic but it is also very dangerous. The sea snake has a paddle- like tail so it can swim faster. It feeds on fish such as catfish.It lives under rocks and coral.

sea-snake   laticaudacolubrina

The Belcher’s sea snake has a nickname that is the Beaded sea snake. Sea kraits are one of the few sea snakes that go on land to lay their eggs. The Belcher’s sea snake’s bite will kill you in about 15 minutes. There are 62 different species of sea snakes in the world.It is the probably the most toxic animal in the world!!

The longest of all sea snakes is the narrow banded sea snake it can grow up to 9 feet long.

9 thoughts on “Sea Snakes by Mark

  1. Friend Mark,
    I really loved your story because I like things that are not usual for others, and i like that. I love that you only put the REAL dangerous snakes, my favorite was the Sea Snake! I would like to have special lungs so I could stay underwater for eight hours and just a few milligrams of my bite, everyone is dead! Awesome Story, really loved it!
    Your Firend,
    Madhawan K.

  2. Dear Mark,
    Your report/essay was informative and it seems like you did a lot of research on the venom of sea snakes. Maybe you could have included facts like what sea snakes eat or what their habitat is like exactly. Like TechnoMaster500 said, many of your fun-facts were interesting. Will you write reports about other animals too? I’d like to read them!
    P.S. Are there poisonous snakes in the Mediterranian where we swim??? 🙂

    1. Dear Daphne,
      Most sea snakes do not live in the Mediterranean sea.
      although there are a couple, but they are not poisons.
      If you want to know the names ask me at school.
      P.S. How do you put that happy face on your comments?

      1. Dear Mark,
        To make a smiley face type these specific characters right next to each other.
        Use : for the eyes.
        Use ( ) P or D for the mouth.
        Type the eyes first and then the mouth
        Make it look like this but without the space in between the eyes and mouth: : )
        : ( : P : D
        It will automatically look like this: 🙂 😦 😛 😀
        I can show you in computer class if you like.
        Daphne 🙂
        P.S. This works in word documents too!

  3. Mark! That was a very good story about sea snakes. But I would like to know what food
    they eat. I liked how you said where they lived and you should make a list of what sea snakes

    Your friend Jason

  4. Dear Mark,
    That was very nice! I liked how it was very informative and that you put how the snakes could be dangerous.


  5. Dear Mark,

    Your essay was very well written because it delivers the information quick. It also uses very easy to understand vocabulary and is interesting. Well done.

    -Your friend ,


  6. Dear Mark,

    I think that your report on sea snakes had a lot of information that people may have not known. You could have had some more fun facts like, tell about some more kinds of sea snakes or where the sea snakes live. For example, where does the Belcher sea snake live, in rocks or under the sand? I hope that you could answer those questions and write more about dangerous animals.


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