Dino Daze Show by Angeliki

“I’m so excited to see Dino Daze!” I said to my friends.  It was very exciting for all of us to be able to watch the Dino Daze Show because most of us remember it from when we were part of it.

My sister is in first grade and she was part of this show, as well as some other girls from my school bus.  My sister had been practicing her lines and songs for months.  She was very excited to perform but at the same time nervous to be on stage in front of everyone.

Of course the days passed and the day came, when she and all the other first graders would perform in front of the whole elementary school.

In the morning we went straight to class, took off our jackets and off we went to the theater.  I told my friend that my sister was a cycad-tree and I knew her role by heart.  I was ready to see the show and I couldn’t wait to see my sister in her role.  Waiting for the show to begin, Mrs. Carlson introduced the play and off we went to watch the Dino-Daze Show.

The show was fantastic!!! All the first graders wore extravagant costumes and were in their roles.  They sang songs and helped each other remember lines and what they had to do and where they had to go.  The songs were beautiful and at the end of the show they danced altogether.  It was such an amazing show.  Congratulations to all the first graders for all their hard work!!!

dino daze pic

3 thoughts on “Dino Daze Show by Angeliki

  1. Dear Angeliki,
    I really enjoyed reading your story and I agree with you that all the first graders were amazing! This was the first Dino Daze show that I saw and I loved it. Congratulations to the first graders! I also liked that you talked about your sister and I liked the way that you described the show.

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Angeliki,
    I really enjoyed reading your story and I also really enjoyed watching the Dino Daze like you did! I think that you described how you felt with great detail . I could picture every word that you have writen in your story. Keep up the great work! 😀
    -Ellie T

  3. Dear Angeliki,
    I really loved your story and the amazing description! I wasn’t here when our grade was doing the Dino Daze, but last year my brother did it and I can understand that it was really hard for the 1st grade to know their parts by heart when there is so such a huge audience. I also agree that they did a wonderful job!!!!!
    See Eun

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