The Eagle by Anna B.

The sun is shining on the water,
An eagle soars up high.
No one knows what it’s after,
While it is gliding in the sky.

The eagle’s strong body is floating,
Leveling with the air,
Lower and lower and lower it went,
SNATCH! It caught a hare!

The babies are waiting patiently,
In the soft nest,
The hay is like a soft pillow,
Wrapped around like a vest.

The eagle is finally approaching,
The eaglets are happy for her to come,
Everyone is jolly,
The mother is finally home.

5 thoughts on “The Eagle by Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna B,
    I really liked your poem and how you made everything rhyme. I mostly liked the part when you said “the sun is shining on the water, an eagle soars up high”. I can’t wait to read your next poem.

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Anna B.,
    Your poem was amazing and really expressed how you felt about the eagle. I think you described the eagle as magestic, strong and mysterious!
    Your Friend,
    Daphne 🙂
    P.S. Your poem reminds me of a book called “Owl Babies”.

  3. Dear Anna B,
    I loved your poem, and the way you made the eagle seem bold and brave. I also liked the words you used such as ” the hay is like a soft pillow”. I also liked the way you made the poem rhyme, and it still made sense. Good job!
    Your friend,
    Ann-Marie 😀

  4. Dear Anna,
    I really liked you descriptive words! Plus I liked the rhyming words that you used. It made your poem interesting! I hope you write another one! I am sure the next one will also be awesome!

  5. Dear Anna ,
    I loved your story.I liked how you put facts about eagles.
    And you ryhymed it

    Your friend ,

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