Cheese by Live and See Eun

Mozzarella, feta, cottage, swiss,

How can you possibly stand all this?

Gouda, cheddar, provolone, blue,

Cheese is like, poison for you!

Buffalo, parmesan, babybel, goat,

These are just a few cheeses we loath.

Yucky, rotten, yellow, nasty,

How can you ever find this tasty?

Awful, terrifying, it’s a fear,

If you smell it, you’ll lose a tear.

If you eat it, you’ll be full of sorrow,

We doubt that you will see tomorrow,

It’s almost toxic, it’s really bad,

If you eat it you’ll become mad.

How can anybody truly like cheese,

It’s like a contagious, yucky, disease!

Cheese, oh cheese, you’re such a displease,

We hate you more than we hate flees.


9 thoughts on “Cheese by Live and See Eun

  1. Dear See Eun and Live,
    Your cheese poem rocked!!!
    I can’t wait for another of your fun rhyming funny poems!

    your classmate,

  2. Dear Live and See Eun,

    I really liked your poem and how you made everything rhyme.
    I can’t wait to read another poem of yours.

    Your Friend,

  3. Dear Girls,
    I really liked your poem, and I loved that you used rhyming. I enjoyed reading your poem because the language you used was easy to understand and the words all magically fit together.

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Live and See Eun,
    I really did enjoy your small little funny poem! However I do not see the problem with cheese, I mean it is pretty tasty when used correctly. 😛 But anyways, great poem!


  5. Dear Girls,
    I understand how you feel about cheese and this is a great way to express your feelings! I really liked your poem and I thought that it was even better than some others because it rhymed. Keep up the great work!
    Your friend,
    Ellie T

  6. Dear Live and See Eun ,
    I really liked your poem. It was really fun reading because it had many rhyming words and you explained cheese with great imagery!!:)Cant wait to read more of your fun poems !!!
    Your classmate ,
    Maria 🙂

  7. Dear SeeEun and Live,
    I love your poem! It’s really catchy and fun to read. I hope you guys write more poems!
    From your friend,

  8. Dear Live and See Eun,
    I loved your cheese poem. It had lots of rhyming parts and that made it fun. I can’t wait for another amazing poem of yours.
    Your friend,

  9. Dear See Eun and Live,
    I really liked your poem and all the details you added. Keep posting more of your writing.
    Your classmate,

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