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Good Bye!!! by Madhawan

Hello!! Some of you may know the news that I am leaving on the 27th of February to Bahrain forever. I will absolutely miss all of the people here as well as the cuisine of Greece. It was a great year in 5th grade with all of the best students there can be. I will be gone, but I will keep in touch with everyone with moodle and other communication forms (ex: Skype, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail etc.)

It was by far THE best posting my family and I have been to. When I had first come here, in 2nd grade, I didn’t know how to say a single word but with all of your assistance, I learned English as my second language very easily! However, when I moved onto 3rd grade,  things started to get a bit more intense. I had to move to the intermediate Greek class; which I could barely go through, but somehow still manage to get through it in 4th and 5th grade.

In general I was a fast learner and knew most of what we did in math because in the Indian schools you had to learn your multiplications by heart in 2nd grade, I had really loathed that but I did become one of the fastest mathematicians in 4th grade. I was pretty happy to be a good mathematician and get good grades but the only 2 subjects my grades were low in were Greek and  HW.   These were the things that slowed me down.

However, I was really jubilant that I had tons of friends to hang out with and occasionally to joke around with. It was an obscure year, I had many slow-downs and speed-ups but I had met new friends and started liking art a bit more than I used too.   What I am trying to say, although the many obstacles in my transition to Greece and at ACS, I have had the best years in my life with all of you. I’ll keep in touch with you all! I will send videos now and then as well and I’ll be sure to participate in all of the occasions I can.

In conclusion, I will miss all of my friends!!! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know how to play basketball, know how to code, and many more which would take me a long time to write down. But I will miss every single one of my classmates and my teachers!

I always wished I could stay here in Greece!  when I first found out that we were moving, in the beginning my father had a posting to Norway, of which I was happy of because I would be able to see Isak and Live there at times.   However, when we learned that someone else had taken Norway, our only choice was to wait and we got the posting to Bahrain; which I don’t hate I would have liked to have some of my old friends there if I could.

I couldn’t achieve what I have done so thus far without all of you! Thank you for your support along with all of the teachers who taught me what I needed to know.  I hope I will see you sometime when I come for vacation, and I’ll definitely stay in touch! So you do too! See You All! Bye!


Join the Debate and Bring History Alive!


Calling all 5th graders!
Put yourself in the shoes of the character you researched and created in Voki. Imagine you were living in colonial times in the 1770’s, with all the events we are studying in class unfolding around you.

The British government declares its right to tax the colonies. All around you people are discussing the news. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have strong feelings about the issue?

Write a comment in character stating your position and giving evidence to support your point of view. Sign your comment with your colonial character’s name. If you prefer, just be yourself!

Have fun with this! Make it dramatic! I’m looking forward to seeing your comments!
Mrs Kynigou

Why Snowboarding is an Awesome Sport by Vaios

Snowboard is a winter sport that I think you would all like. I personally have been snowboarding, for more than two years. I like this sport because it is totally cool, full of excitement and risk. If you are going to snowboard for the first time you might feel a bit scared but at the same time you will feel the passion on the board! After a few lessons you will feel the energy and you will want to go faster and faster. When you feel ready you can jump over small cliffs and if you are a pro you can do flips. Check what this guy does:


Helpful Snowboarding Tips

Let me give you some tips incase you want to try snowboarding.  First you need to have the weight on your “bad” foot, the one which is not as strong as the other one. Then you need to put your foot in the front of the board. After that, you try to have balance. If any of you have done wakeboard, skateboard or rip stick remember that the skills you already have will help you on the snowboard because all of them need the same balance. The direction of the board needs to be facing front and then you let yourself go down the hill. When you want to stop you turn your body vertically, but remember push your heel back and down and your toes up. Be careful to not push your toes front and down and your heel up because you will fall facing down immediately. Moreover, there is another way to stop. You need to turn around vertically so you look up to the hill and you do the exact opposite thing.

In order for you to go snowboarding you need the right equipment. You need to go to a ski or snowboard rental store so you buy or rent your equipment. First you need to buy the most important thing, your helmet because it protects you from all your falls.


This photo shows a very good helmet. Also you need to buy thermals; warm clothes and gloves. Be careful what you choose as you need to be warm all the time due to the cold weather in the mountain.

You need to rent or buy a snowboard. There are numerous kinds of snowboards you can rent or buy. If you buy you select your own.

Check these cool boards out:


You cannot do snowboard without having boots, so you will rent or buy boots as well. They are tall and heavy and protect your foot from getting injured.


I challenge and invite you to explore the fun of snowboarding because we can all have fun together on the mountains. Eventually, when we are teenagers, we will be able to go snowboarding on our own. Just like these guys:


Frank the Giant and The Revenge of the Fluff King’s Domain – Part II by Lucas

“What’s that?” John screamed over the noises of battle.

“I don’t know” Frank answered. But as he spoke the rumbling became louder. And LOUDER. And LOUDER. Suddenly, an enormous black hole appeared and began to tear reality apart. Gradually the entire squad of bunnies and gerbil disappeared into the dark depths of the black hole, never to return. As for the companions and their large and rather smelly new friends, they desperately clutched the long strands of seaweed growing from the ground.

But all of a sudden, there was a startling noise “OURT, OURT, OURT, OURT

“What was that?” “Wait, noooooooooo… George!” Eric wailed as he saw his friend, also freaked out by the mysterious ourting, had let go of the seaweed and the chain of dinosaurs, giant, kraken, chinchilla, sea hydra, blob and cyborg dragon went cascading into the darkness. The companions closed their eyes and awaited certain death. But it never happened, for the moment George had let go of the seaweed, an enormous purple space coati flew down and sat on the black hole reducing it to a couple of small time rifts shifting around. In due course it also saved the friends from being ripped out of existence and allowed a comfortable seating on the coati’s neck. Doing what many other creatures would do when confronted with a black hole; they quickly scrambled onto the large, purple, fluffy seating space between the head of their spacecraft and the body. After 653 hours, the company was feeling rather bored when suddenly a beam of rainbow colored popcorn was burst out of a small pink and yellow spaceship and streamed at the coati, causing the companions to fly off the coati at gargantuan speeds as well as causing an explosion 50 times the size of a hydrogen bomb.

“What was that!?” George screamed as he rocketed through the air and landed, quite painfully, in the center of massive volcano. Soon, the entire fellowship had landed violently on different parts of the mountain, causing the top of the volcano to collapse, trapping George inside.

“Ahhhhhhh… ” George’s friends could hear no more than a faint whisper of his voice, echoing from inside the depths of the collapsed volcano.

“What? George? Wait, we got to get him out of there!”  exclaimed Eric, and as he said so, he began furiously digging into the side of the mountain.

“Stttttttooooooop… run away from the volcanooooo…” came a whisper from inside the pile of rubble in a once massive volcano.

“Um… okay,” said Eric, as he began to back away from the towering pile of rocks and lava.

As he did so, he could hear counting from inside the crumbled mountain “10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…,” and an explosion worthy of a dying hyper nova issued from the pile of rubble and blotted the entire volcano off the face of the planet. As the smoke cloud cleared the remaining companions had not been knocked out slowly got up and stumbled around to inspect the damage dealt by the enormous explosion.

As they sadly made there way to the explosion center they thought George was dead, great was their amazement when they saw that where the volcano once stood sat George, completely unscathed by the super nova explosion. “Hi!” he said happily, “are you okay?”

“Whaa… howww… huh???” Jake, John, and Tom stuttered in unison. “What happened?”

“I have claustrophobia,” George replied meekly.

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Jake asked again, but a little louder.

“I might have used a few thousand nuclear bombs I found on the coati’s back, but you have no proof,” George said while looking down at the explosion’s aftermath.

“Never mind,” he said quickly.

“How did you survive?” Tom asked.

“I wrapped myself in wet toilet paper,” George said quickly.

“Uuuummmm…  okay,” the others answered. After this remark, Frank and Eric appeared. But suddenly, the ground started shaking, then there was a rumbling noise, and another rift opened up and began its task of what seemed to be ripping the space-time fabric apart.

“Not again!” Frank groaned as he frantically dug his nails into a large stationary marshmallow “help!” he cried desperately. But no help came. Instead, the rift stopped devouring reality and began making a pulsing out waves of what seemed to be slime. Finally, it started to collapse in on itself and then, it was gone. Nothing was left of the monster rift except a small fluffy kitten sitting on a bee.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW,” the fellowship remarked in unison. The kitten meowed.  Suddenly, from out of blue the came another noise.


“What was that?” asked John, startled and anxious at the mysterious noise the seemed to be a laughing sound

“Don’t know,” replied Frank, looking up at the sky. “It seems to be coming from up there,” he said pointing at a particular part of the dark sky.

“There indeed… hahahaha” came the voice again. With it, came the appearance of a bright pink and yellow space ship out of the gloom.

“Wait, is that… that’s the spaceship that attacked us while we where on the coati’s neck!” Frank cried angrily “Come down here, whoever you are so I can punch you in the face!”

“That would not be wise,” cackled the voice, “I am stronger than all of you put together!”

“Oh really,” George snorted punching his metal fist into his reptilian one. “Bring it one!”

“Hahaha. Of course I will and when I through with you guys, you will be nothing but MY SLAVES!!” The voice squealed.

“Show yourself so we can get this over with.”

“OOOOOh… I will. But I’m going to show you my army first,” the laugh the voice, and the spaceship flew away. “So long, suckers…” were the last word the companions heard as the watched the spaceship disappear over the early morning horizon.

As it faded from view, the ground began to rumble again., “Seriously” Jake said, irritated. But after he spoke the ground erupted and 6 massive worms slithered out, followed by hordes and hordes of almost indescribable things, like goblin-worms and parasitic megalodons, fleshy troll like things, and a great amount of others.

“Uh oh,” said Eric, “not good, not good at all!”

“Should we run?” Jake asked nervously.

“Not an option. Look!” said George. While looking behind them at 2 fleshy bulbous things that looked like deformed brains slowly groping towards the company surrounded by more hordes demented creatures.

“What do we do?” Tom asked.

“Um, I guess we fight,” stated John, looking downcast as he loaded up his gun with a few random pigs that happened to be grazing in the next to the fellowship, “we fight till the end.”

“We are dead,” George whispered looking back at the army as he, too, loaded up his firearm and prepared to shoot. “Totally dead.”

“Maybe not!” said Tom, trying to be optimistic. “We might win?” but a small thought nagged at him in the back of his mind. Soon, the friends were prepared to face down this gargantuan army. With cries of ‘I’m going to die’ and ‘to be killed’ they ran to take the horde head on.

In hours the companions were wounded and near death but they kept fighting, dealing exploding pig, after exploding pig, after exploding pig. But suddenly a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000-megaton pulse of energy vibrated from the center of the brawl, destroying everything in its path. Fortunately, the companions’ wounds dealt them good, for they fell to the ground unconscious, thus escaping the shockwave. Once they came back to consciousness, they saw an amazing sight. All around them littering the field of the battle was the fallen bodies of the enemy, now totally and utterly destroyed. But as their eyes wandered around the battlefield they saw something moving. As they strained to look closer, they made out a fluffy kitten, sitting licking it’s tiny paws.

“It’s him!” Frank cried in delight. “Should we keep him?”

YES!!” his friends replied in union.

So Frank ran over, picked the kitten up fondly, and put him in a container on George’s back “I name you: THE KITTEN” he said.

“Where to now?”asked Jake, trying to change the subject, “should we go after that spaceship?”

“YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH,” his friends yelled enthusiastically. So began the part of their journey with a mission, to find the spaceship and to capture whoever was inside…


Sea Snakes by Mark

The sea snake is a poisonous marine snake.It is not aggressive unless its handled roughly, but it is still quite dangerous.Some are highly toxic and can grow to about 7 1/2 feet long. It has special lungs so it can stay in water for 8 hours.The most poisonous sea snake is the Belcher’s sea snake. It is the most poisonous snake in the world. Just a few milligrams of it’s venom is enough to kill a 900 people.It is found in South East Asia and Northern Australia. It is so toxic that it may have the strongest venom on planet Earth. There is no antidote. The bite quickly causes nausea, blindness and then death.The victims of the sea snake are usually fisherman.The yellow bellied sea snake is also one of the most dangerous sea snakes. It is a lot less toxic but it is also very dangerous. The sea snake has a paddle- like tail so it can swim faster. It feeds on fish such as catfish.It lives under rocks and coral.

sea-snake   laticaudacolubrina

The Belcher’s sea snake has a nickname that is the Beaded sea snake. Sea kraits are one of the few sea snakes that go on land to lay their eggs. The Belcher’s sea snake’s bite will kill you in about 15 minutes. There are 62 different species of sea snakes in the world.It is the probably the most toxic animal in the world!!

The longest of all sea snakes is the narrow banded sea snake it can grow up to 9 feet long.

Dino Daze Show by Angeliki

“I’m so excited to see Dino Daze!” I said to my friends.  It was very exciting for all of us to be able to watch the Dino Daze Show because most of us remember it from when we were part of it.

My sister is in first grade and she was part of this show, as well as some other girls from my school bus.  My sister had been practicing her lines and songs for months.  She was very excited to perform but at the same time nervous to be on stage in front of everyone.

Of course the days passed and the day came, when she and all the other first graders would perform in front of the whole elementary school.

In the morning we went straight to class, took off our jackets and off we went to the theater.  I told my friend that my sister was a cycad-tree and I knew her role by heart.  I was ready to see the show and I couldn’t wait to see my sister in her role.  Waiting for the show to begin, Mrs. Carlson introduced the play and off we went to watch the Dino-Daze Show.

The show was fantastic!!! All the first graders wore extravagant costumes and were in their roles.  They sang songs and helped each other remember lines and what they had to do and where they had to go.  The songs were beautiful and at the end of the show they danced altogether.  It was such an amazing show.  Congratulations to all the first graders for all their hard work!!!

dino daze pic

The Eagle by Anna B.

The sun is shining on the water,
An eagle soars up high.
No one knows what it’s after,
While it is gliding in the sky.

The eagle’s strong body is floating,
Leveling with the air,
Lower and lower and lower it went,
SNATCH! It caught a hare!

The babies are waiting patiently,
In the soft nest,
The hay is like a soft pillow,
Wrapped around like a vest.

The eagle is finally approaching,
The eaglets are happy for her to come,
Everyone is jolly,
The mother is finally home.

Cheese by Live and See Eun

Mozzarella, feta, cottage, swiss,

How can you possibly stand all this?

Gouda, cheddar, provolone, blue,

Cheese is like, poison for you!

Buffalo, parmesan, babybel, goat,

These are just a few cheeses we loath.

Yucky, rotten, yellow, nasty,

How can you ever find this tasty?

Awful, terrifying, it’s a fear,

If you smell it, you’ll lose a tear.

If you eat it, you’ll be full of sorrow,

We doubt that you will see tomorrow,

It’s almost toxic, it’s really bad,

If you eat it you’ll become mad.

How can anybody truly like cheese,

It’s like a contagious, yucky, disease!

Cheese, oh cheese, you’re such a displease,

We hate you more than we hate flees.