What Am I? by Live

Bright blue,



Looking up,

Looking down,

In a pair,


Showing pity,

Showing fear,

Showing anger,

Showing love,

What am I thinking of???


3 thoughts on “What Am I? by Live

  1. Dear Live,
    I like your riddle a lot because it was tricky but you could find the answer if you thought about it! I think the answer is eyes!

  2. Dear Live,
    !!!!!!!!!! I really love your riddle! When I first heard your riddle, I couldn’t guess it, but when you told me the answer (eyes) it all made sense. I totally loved that you used descriptive and rhyming words!!!!!
    See Eun

  3. Dear Live,
    I loved your poem! I couldn’t find the answer but I agree with Daphne I think it’s eyes! Maybe next time you can describe it more so the other person could understand it. I still liked it and I can’t wait to read another one!

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