Give Money Save Animals! By Chrysonoe, Khush, Steleeza , Eleonora

​Why are we doing this? Wild animals all over the world are put in cages and in pet shops and Pet Cities. They need your help! These animals are waiting for you. Save a sweet lizard, bird, or snake. How? We are going to collect money for animals that need your help. Even though snakes, scorpions, macaws and more animals such as hamsters and rabbits are thought as pets they are not. They should be just as free as we are.
​What can we do? You can give money to us and we will donate the money to the program WWF. We also will try to stop pet shops and Pet Cities to sell animals, except dogs and cats, but only with your help. All over the world, animals are trapped in cages in pet shops and they are forced to do many bad things. Try to help them. We are going to bring a dog so you understand what you should do to save animals. You can bring money to Ms. Kynigous’ 5th Grade class at ACS Athens or visit the WWF website so that you can write a comment or volunteer how to help.
​We are trying to create rules and laws that will stop shops from selling these wild animals. Dogs and cats are bred to be pets, but the other animals are captured and are not really house pets. We are meeting with lawyers so that we can see how to change these rules. This is why we are collecting money, so that we can somehow release these animals and help WWF continue helping animals. WWF can put more guards and more vets to help the wild animals in the world that are being hurt.
​We are trying to make pet shops, and Pet Cities, to stop selling animals, except for cats and dogs. We want them to give medicine to injured and sick wild animals, but we don’t want them to sell these animals. We want to tell the whole world that it’s not logical to take wild and free animals and force them into cages. Would you like to be put in a cage? Sometimes, children and adults are really mean to animals and hurt them. We are trying to stop that also.
If you have a pet the only thing that you can do is to just give it a lot of love. If you have a bird, you can let it out of the cage so it can fly around the house, and spend as much time as you can teaching it to talk or do tricks. If you have a rabbit or a hamster you can make a big area for it to crawl around and you can softly play with it in a nice way. Also if you have a fish you can buy a big tank and fill it with water and plants like it would be in the wild. About food, you should always buy treats for your friend. An animal is not a pet; it’s your friend, brother, or sister. Thank you for reading this, and we also hope that you can help them too! 😀

6 thoughts on “Give Money Save Animals! By Chrysonoe, Khush, Steleeza , Eleonora

  1. Dear Animal Group,
    I loved your informative writing about saving animals. Can’t wait to hear your presentation that you are preparing!
    I am going to try and donate as much money as I can !!!!!!!!!
    Keep trying to save animals.


    1. Dear Animal group,
      Maybe some of you know that I love animals just as much as you guys do! I will definitely be donating money.
      Your Classmate,


  2. Dear Chrysonoe, Khush, Steleeza and Eleonora,
    Your essay was informative and told us what we should do to help the animals. It expressed how strongly you felt about this topic. I have some questions to ask:
    Are you four meeting with lawyers or is WWF meeting them? How are you going to stop pet shops from selling wild animals? I know that in Greece there is a law against selling wild animals so the pet shops are selling them illegally but no one punishes them. Do you think classrooms should have pets? What do you think about zoos (like the Attica Park which has a dolphin show)?
    I hope you will be able to raise enough money to help the animals!
    Your friend,

    1. Dear Daphne,
      We will try are best to stop Pet Shops selling animals.
      We, and WWF are going to go in 2 more schools to tell them what we are doing.

  3. Dear Daphne,
    I will listen to your advice, and will think of the questions. I will go home and think about it! 🙂
    Thank you for the ideas,

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