6 thoughts on “Reciting the poem, “English is a Pain! (Pane?)”

  1. Dear Rap Guys,
    I thought your rap song was awesome!
    I can’t wait to hear another fabulous rap, which is also a poem.
    Your friend ,

  2. Dear Rap Guys,
    That was a really cool poem! I thought that you were great at saying everything together, as well as memorising the poem. Good job! 😀
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Mario and Live,

    Thank’s for writing us a comment so far you are the only ones. It wasn’t so hard memorising the poem and I hope you liked it. We might make another rap/poem and please write a comment in that one.

    Your friend Emmanouil

  4. Dear Mario and Live,

    I want to thank you again for writing a comment I really appreciate that.

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Emmanouil and Seung-Min,
    It was pretty cool how you said the rap and how you had memorized it. Also which book did you use?
    Good job.
    From your friend,
    Tom and Jerry!

  6. Dear Seung Min and Emmanouil,
    I really liked your rap poem. It was really nice and I think you did a great job singing it. Hope to see you again Seung Min.
    Your Friend,

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