Doing History! By Mrs. Kynigou


Would anyone like to explain our history project this week? In what way was it different than the previous history lessons? What skills do you think you learned by doing history this way?

2 thoughts on “Doing History! By Mrs. Kynigou

  1. Dear Ms.Kynigou’s class,
    I think that tou did a great job! I really liked everyone’s ilustrations and also how you designed the titles! I can’t wait to see what other great things you have done!Keep up the good work!
    -Ellie T

  2. The colonial project that we did was really exciting. We were divided equally in three groups and needed to show our part of the colonies in facts and illustrations. I think everyone did a beautiful and fantastic job with it. I worked with Anna k. and Claire. I hope you like Ms.Kynigou’s class and thank you for the comments.
    Francesca 😀

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