Poem by Eugenie

The stars are bright tonight
and the air is fresh
the sea whispers a name
It isn’t a familiar name
Why is the sea so alive tonight?

The stars are dancing by the night sky
The waves have a mysterious rhythm
It sways it glitters it smiles
And right below the waves lives a different world
A world we don’t know
A world all to itself
It is a deeper world
It is a sweeter world
It is a world that is more beautiful than our world

5 thoughts on “Poem by Eugenie

  1. Dear Eugenie,
    Your poem was awsome. I loved it. You should continue writing poems even when we are done with the poetry unit in class. I think you should be a poet when you grow up. I mean you are already a poet but you should write poems professional later in your life. Your family should be really proud of you. You should also write a poem about how Miss Kynigou forgot to pick up her son from school early that day as she told us in class. Once again you are a great poet and you should continue writing them. I can’t wait till you post your next poem on our blog.
    Your friend Anna K.😛

  2. Dear Eugenie,
    I’m speechless! The poem was amazing and sounded so…poetic! I totally agree with Anna K, you should be a professional poet when you grow up. It was amazing, and you should post more poems on the blog! Good Job!!
    Your friend,
    Ann-Marie 😀

  3. Dear Eugenie,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem and the words that you used. I think that you should write more stories at the blog. As I was reading your poem I imagined myself, my friends and my family siting at the balcony and watching the blue sky with the lighting stars and the calm sea. It was fantastic!

    Your friend,

  4. Dera Eugenie,
    AWESOME POEM!!!!! It was so… deep. I really kind of fell into it, if you get what I mean. I really hope you write more awesome poems.
    Your friend,
    Live 😀

  5. Dear Eugenie
    I loved your poem so much I really felt part of this amazing deep world.
    I recommend you write more poems for the blog, as you have a real talent in writing poems! Im so jealous!
    I hope you keep writing poems like this because they are awesome and beautiful.
    from your friend,

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