My Trip to the Network Department by Computist

It was a casual Wednesday until my homeroom teacher told me while we were going to lunch recess, “Well Computist, you will go to Computers when you are supposed to have library okay? There is a surprise for you……” I replied back asking, “Wait a second what kind of surprise?!” I was so pumped, thinking of all the ideas I could possibly have come up with. Had I done something bad? ‘Well she did say it was a surprise so it probably wasn’t going to be bad right?’ I thought to myself. I left that aside for recess, I went and played some Volleyball with Thanasi, John, and Thisseas. Playing volleyball was fun after all but when I went to eat and was done, the real thing that got me excited was the ‘surprise’. When I saw our technology teacher waiting for me, she asked if I knew what and where we were going. “Well all Ms. Evloyias said was, there is a surprise waiting for you….” I responded.

“Well I think you are going to like this very much and may just write a story on the blog, huh?” Mrs. Helen responded.

“Well sure I will, if I am interested in it,” I responded gladly.
“You will probably be interested in it,” Mrs. Helen said with a smile.

“Well can you tell me where we are going?” I asked with wonder.

“Sure, we are going to the network department because remember you had some questions about the school server? Well I asked the school technician if you could have a little trip with him, and maybe you could ask the questions that you asked me,” Mrs. Helen calmly replied.
“Wow! Well I am really excited to meet him and go there, although what should I call him?” I thought outloud.

“Well Just call him Mr. Makris,” she responded.
“Okay,” I said with a tone of excitement.

We went through the high school library to a small hall with a really old computer displayed in a glass box. Trust me the computers that we have now are waaaay better than they had before because I remember my mom telling me that she had to do some research on the computer and it took her like 5 minutes for every page to load up, so it was quite impossible to do research like we could now or have all the cool tech that we have now than the olden times.

There was a blue door which we opened and met Mr. Makris. He was currently getting Linux set up on his desktop (Linux is an operating system just like other operating systems like Windows,  OS x, etc.). I have never seen Linux work before but it looked pretty much like an Apple desktop and Windows put together into one. I asked him, “How much storage do you have for the whole wide school devices?”

Well then he showed me one of the computers which were laying around, the one he showed me looked like a really old one but he explained, “I know it looks old but inside there are 300 Megabytes of storage in there.” I replied in awe, “Wow! Just Wow!” He showed me another one which had well over 3 Terabytes! That’s like 1 million megabytes! My jaw felt like it dropped to the ground thinking how much that could just hold! We went inside the small room which actually held the server which connected your files from the computer lab so you can access them from your computer or whatnot. The first thing that caught my eyes were the Fiber Optic cables that were connected to the main server (Fiber Optic cables are cables which use glass or plastic threads to transfer data much more faster by transforming the data into light waves and then sending it back digitally). Usually Fiber Optic cables cost a lot but I saw quite a few of them laying around. The Fiber Optics that we have can send data as fast as 10 Gigabytes per second! Which is really fast if you think about it. After that there were many other things to explain but I decided to leave them out. I asked how many devices were connected and his reply was, “More than 300 desktops, over 200 laptops and a few mobile phones as well.” My eyes literally felt like they were going to pop right out! I told him that I have made a server of my own which was hosted off my computer for MineCraft. I explained to him how all you have to do is port forward your computer to your router so anyone from the whole wide world could join your server if they knew your IP address.  And then if you want to find out your IP you can press the window button which is located between the Ctrl button and the Alt button and it looks like a small, weird window, type run and then type cmd into the run application which will pop up. I continued, then write ipconfig and then press enter, you will see many numbers which will be confusing to find out which one is your IP address, the IP address is named IPv4 address, right next to that there will be a bunch of numbers followed by some periods and if you found that, that is your IP address.

He was pretty amazed by my knowledge, or so I think. After that I pointed at a weirdly shaped thing which looked like a sculpture, but it turned out to be a 3D printer! He said a member of the high schoolers built it but it never got to work. It was pretty impressive to see a real life 3D printer even though it did not work. We also talked about what kind of copies of browsers there are like IceWeasel, and that when the browsers actually were in the newest form, they did not have tabs so you would have to open up another window for each thing you wanted to do on another tab. However, it was Firefox who invented the tabs so you don’t have to open up another one all the time, then Google Chrome, Safari, etc. started copying the tabs from Firefox. After that I had to leave and go back to library but the small field trip was just so amazing that I would have never imagined this happening! But it did happen and I really just loved it, no other words can describe it than just great! I went back to our elementary library and the trip had ended.


IMG_5455 IMG_5456

4 thoughts on “My Trip to the Network Department by Computist

  1. Dear Madhawan,
    I really liked your story and the description that you used about your little excursion to the technology department. I hope you had a great time and I am very happy that you wanted to share your experience with us. I really enjoyed reading your experience and I am waiting to read another story from you.


  2. Dear Danae,
    Thank you for your response! I am very glad you liked it, and I am working on another story right now actually, so be expecting that sometime as well!
    A classmate,

  3. Dear Madhawan,

    I liked how you used very descriptive words. I really liked your story and thanks for sharing your little field trip with us. It seems that you had a very fun time at the Network Department and learned a lot of things.

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Emmanouil,
    Thanks for replying back, this positive feedback does get me inspired to write more stories because I see that people like them! Well anyways thanks. 😀

    Your Other Friend,
    Madhawan (TechnoMaster500)

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