My Dog Lomo by Angeliki

Ding dong, the house bell rang. I had just arrived to my house and my mom and dad were waiting for me with a big surprise. When the door opened I rushed inside. There I saw my dad with a mischief face. “What is going on in here?” I asked myself. I couldn’t wait to find out what this BIG surprise was.  Then I rushed to my mom who was sitting on the couch and under her was…………………a cute Rhodesian Ridgeback, three months old!!!!!!  I ran like a cheetah to meet my dog.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; he was so cute and pretty.

So, before I continue my story, I want to describe my Lomo, my dog. He is brown with hazel brown eyes, and a line on his back because of his breed, and he has a white cloud with a thunderbolt on his chest. Lomo will always be in my heart and I will always love him because he has a golden heart.  I think he is unique because he is very funny, sometimes lazy, playful, energetic, cute, smart, a fast runner but can also sometimes be a scary cat.

Now let’s go back to his first day. After petting Lomoand spending time in the house we went outside to play. I took his ball and threw it as far as I could. He ran like a thunder-bolt to catch the ball and when he did he looked so proud. As he was biting it to bring the ball back to me, the squeaking sound of the ball was heard.   After playing for a while he got tired and laid on the grassy area with his tongue out.

We took a break and relaxed for a bit, until we realized that someone was watching us and guess who it was……………………………………………………………..?  It was Sylvester, my cat. He felt jealous looking at us play, so I went to pet him too. However, then Goldie my other cat came, but when Lomo saw her, he started chasing her.  Somehow he got the courage to chase her, but he stopped when he saw Sylvester MEAWAWWAW something in his “catish” language. “Lomo! “ I shouted laughing,” you’re so funny!”

After all that playing we had to go to bed, because we had school tomorrow.  “Goodnight Lomo,” I said to the dog like he could answer back.  This still remains to be one of my favorite days of my life.


5 thoughts on “My Dog Lomo by Angeliki

  1. Dear Angeliki,
    I think your story was fantastic! 🙂
    I loved how you used vivid words and you described your new dog Lomo. I could imagine you in your story throwing the ball to Lomo and him bringing it back! I also really liked your pictures of your dog! I can’t wait until you post another story on the blog!
    Ellie T

  2. Dear Angeliki,
    You described the first day that you got your dog so wonderfully that I felt like I was in the story!!!:) As I was reading I was able to experience exactly what you felt when you got Lomo! I Remember the day after when you had gotten Lomo and you came to school, you were jumping from happiness!!! I wish I could meet Lomo sometime too!! By the way I love your pictures, Lomo is beautiful!!! Im just wondering, maybe you can make a small video of you playing with Lomo, so you can share on the blog with us! (If you want) :).
    Your BFF,
    Maria 🙂

  3. Dear Angeliki,
    I really enjoyed reading your story and I liked that you used onomatopoeias. I hope you have a great time with your dog and hope to read more moments with you and Lomo.

    Your friend,

    P.S I loved your pictures, he is so cute!

  4. Dear Angeliki,
    Your story was amazing.You described Lomo so well that I could picture him without even looking at the pictures.I hope you’re still having fun with your dog. I would like to read more of your interesting stories.

    Your Friend,

  5. Dear Angeliki,
    I loved your story. I liked how you used some really good similes like, ‘you ran like a cheetah’.
    P.S. And your dog is cute!

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