8 thoughts on “Despereaux:some samples of our comic strip versions

  1. Dear People,
    I was so glad we did an awesome ‘museum’ display of our comics in class. Maggie and Anna B., your comics look amazing! These were so fun to make and i wish we’ll do something like this again!
    -Ann Marie 😀
    P.S The second one was mine.

  2. Dear Anna B., Ann-Marie and Maggie,
    Wow your drawings are so nice! I really liked your Despereaux comic strips. Great job!

  3. Dear Ann Marie,Anna B,Maggie,
    I loved your comics because the pictures were so
    good.Also you could see them so clear.

  4. Dear Maggie,AnnMarrie,and Anna B.

    I like all of your comic strips and the pictures you put in them. Also your writing was pretty neat.


  5. Dear Maggie, Ann-Marie and Anna B.,
    Your comic strips were great and I liked how Ann-Marie designed Despereaux’s ears!
    Your Friend,

    1. Dear Girls,
      I really liked your comic strips because they were clear and they had many different colors as well as neat handwriting.

      By Danae

  6. Dear Maggie,Ann-Marie ,and Anna B.,

    I liked your comic strips because they were pretty neat and colorful.
    Also you drew pretty well.


  7. Hey guys,
    Thank you all for the great feedback and comments! We all really appreciate the nice comments. I am sure the other girls worked hard on this too, so I guess the hard work payed off. Again, thanks guys for the positive feedback!
    -Ann Marie 😀

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