StarDust by The_Seperatist

Before the planets had been made,

The galaxies not yet laid,

There was an eternal force,

On a never-ending course

It had been made within a lair,

For which there is no known heir,

Whole planets could be torn apart

If the force had taken part

Almost nothing is left of the eternal force at all,

The quantity of it is small

It’s kept at bay but if that should fail,

Forever StarDust will prevail

(What do you think StarDust is?  Put your answer in a comment!)

3 thoughts on “StarDust by The_Seperatist

  1. Dear The Separatist,
    Your poem/riddle was totally amazing, even though I don’t have a clue what Stardust might be. Please continue writing more poems!
    Your friend,
    Live 😀

  2. Dear Live,
    Thanks for your comment! For me,stardust symbolizes anger because it always existed and it can cause destruction.
    The Separatist

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