My ice-skating trip By: Anna B.

        Whoosh! I could hear the metallic blades scratching the ice rhythmically as the ice-skaters glided over the crystal clear ice below them. My parents were talking to the employees, and finally came back with the right size of shoes for my brother and me. I excitedly pulled them on straight away and started walking clumsily over to the ice skating link. Once I stepped onto the platform, I grabbed onto the bar and started slipping and sliding away before I knew it. I looked around, seeking for someone to encourage me to go on. I finally saw an expert with a snowflake knitted shirt and reindeer shaped gloves. I immediately started to follow his moves and soon got the hang of it. It was simple and went like this; you have to move your feet like the letter ‘v’, one at a time. It was troubling at first, but I started to concentrate to my feet and soon let go of the bar.

Before I knew it, I was gliding through the link, faster and faster. Soon, I felt like a real expert and after enjoying myself for a few more minutes, I dared myself to race with my brother. I glided smoothly up to him and inquired ‘ Do you want to race??’ I could tell the answer was no, because he was still stumbling hopelessly, his hands glued on the bar. He gave me a please-go-away-I’m-trying-to-concentrate look and I nodded, understanding. He started explaining that I was the one who knew roller-skating and that’s why I mastered it quickly. It came to me like a slap in the face and l left him in peace. After a while, he approached me, smiling, and offered me his hand. He had obviously improved. I took it and we shuffled around and diagonally, avoiding the plastic orange seals meant to support toddlers.

We were still gliding, when suddenly I lost my balance, tripped over and fell on my bottom. I squeezed my eyes together, trying to repel the pain, when suddenly I heard a familiar snort. I opened my eyes wildly, ready to strangle my brother, when he fell on his back with a loud ‘thud’. Lifting myself up, I saw a dazzling red-haired teenaged girl who was texting on her phone, rushing to my brother’s rescue and smiling broadly at him. She held out her hand unmistakably and my brother grabbed it, blushing. The girl continued to hold his hand and kept smiling, even when my brother was standing up safely on his feet. I rushed towards them and pointed out that my brother was slightly trying to remove his hand from her strong grip, repeating the phrase ‘thank you’ over and over again. I saved him by going to him and saying ‘Let’s go…’

My brother thankfully rolled his eyes at me and we continued half racing, half gliding. Two whole hours passed without us noticing. When I got very thirsty and felt my feet aching I suggested leaving and visiting our favorite Indian restaurant. My parents were already waiting for us outside, and we gratefully jumped into the car. Should I mention that I am great in describing romances to my parents, and that I spent the whole evening teasing him about the red beauty? That’s what you get when you are laughing at your little sister…


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