Santa and the Different Worlds – Part One by Anna K.


“It is Christmas everyone! We have to deliver all the presents”, announced Santa.

This year he was taking only two elves with him: Bagings and Bofin.

“We are leaving right now. We need lots of time to deliver all the presents.”

“Yea, lets go”, the elves rejoiced.

A minute later, Santa and his elves were up in the air flying. While they were flying, they saw their old enemy Norburi. Norburi had his own sled, but it wasn’t driven by reindeers but by wolves. Santa couldn’t fight right now because he had to deliver all the presents; so he passed quickly by Norburi’s side. Then he looked to his side to see if his elves were ok after the quick pass , but they weren’t there. He looked down and he saw that his elves had jumped with their parachutes, because they were really scared.

“Now I am alone”, thought Santa.

Then he turned to see if Norburi was there, but he was also gone. After that, he looked around to see where he was, but he didn’t recognize that place. It wasn’t even like earth! It was another world. He flew a little bit forward and he realized where he was: in Gameworld.

​Suddenly, he saw a creature. Santa started following the little creature. They passed through rivers and lakes, forests and deserts and finally they arrived to a city. When they entered the city there was a big sign that read: WELCOME TO GAMETOWN!


At that point, the creature saw Santa and urged him to come down. Santa thought for a minute and then landed his sled.

“Hello”, exclaimed the creature. “My name is Frodo, what’s your name?”

“Um, I’m Santa. I am the one who brings all the presents at Christmas.”

“Aaaaah! You bring us the presents at Christmas? Wow!”

“Yeah, and now I am delivering the presents for this year but I’ve lost my way, so can I sleep somewhere in your city tonight? Do you have any good hotels?”

“Of course you can stay, as long as you want. We have several good hotels! You can stay in hotel UNO which is mine. You can spend the night there for free, since you bring us all the presents at Christmas.”

“Oh, ok, thanks!”


​Does Frodo really love Santa or is it a trap?

What is going to happen?


Read Part Two and you will find out!

7 thoughts on “Santa and the Different Worlds – Part One by Anna K.

  1. Dear Anna K,
    I really liked your story until now!!! It looks like it’s going to have much action and mysteries!!!:) The thought that Santa would go to the Game World was really smart in my opinion!!!!
    Can’t wait for part 2!!!
    Your classmate,

  2. Dear Anna,

    Wow!!!! Your story was great!!! I liked how you put many details and it made me read on and on although it was short. I also have a question, are Frodo and the people in Gametown all children? I can’t wait to see part 2. Good job!!!!

    Mr.Lee Mysterio (Seung min)

  3. Dear Anna K,
    Awesome story! I liked it because you added interesting words such as rejoiced. I love the way you had an idea to write a Christmas story, and I am so sad Christmas is over. Can’t wait for part 2!

  4. Dear Anna K.,
    I really liked your story!
    I think that you put a lot of effort into it!
    The thing that I really like is the ending; it is very hooking, and it makes me want to read more and more! It was a very interesting adventure that Santa’s going on, and I hope that you post Part Two soon!
    Maggie D. 😀

  5. Dear Anna K,
    I love how you made your story about Santa because, honestly, who doesn’t love Santa? I also love how you also made me really want to read part 2 so hurry up and post it :)!
    Your waiting reader,

  6. Dear Anna,

    Your story was awesome!!! I liked it very much and how you used good words like “rejoiced” and a lot of other ones. I am looking forward to reading the next one at Gametown with Santa. Is Santa going to make it?

  7. Dear Anna K.,
    AWESOME STORY! I thought it was really cool that you added that part about the elves parachuting! I can’t wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!! I have a question, though. How does Frodo look?? GREAT STORY!!!!!
    Your friend,
    Live 😀

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