My Trip to an Aquarium and a Marsh by Jason

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Aquarium in Charleston,South  Carolina, U.S.. I saw a nasty green moray eel hiding under a rock and snapping at everything that passed by. Next to it was a huge tank you couldn’t see to the bottom of. The tank stretched down to the floor below but you still couldn’t see the bottom. In the tank were white fish and many sharks – nurse sharks and a few black-tipped reef sharks. I could also see a seal.

Somewhere else was an exhibit with otters who were playing and doing backflips. We saw stingrays and turtles and a bald eagle that had been wounded and was adopted by the aquarium. We found a boat you could go on and you could pretend you were sailing on it. It was fun and had toy crabs stuck to nets in the back of the boat.

We saw a lion fish that was white with red stripes and had big spikes coming out of its back and sides. We got to another exhibit where we could touch things and it had horseshoe crabs and sting rays. And there was an albino alligator that stood very still. There were snakes and some were copperheads, diamondbacks and rattlesnakes.

After Christmas my dad and I went on a kayak ride through the marsh at a place called Shem Creek. We saw lots of birds. One was a turkey vulture and it has the best sense of smell in the marsh. It was sitting up in a tree with its wings open getting lots of sun. I liked going under all the jetties.


Me on a causeway into the marsh in Charleston Bay

5 thoughts on “My Trip to an Aquarium and a Marsh by Jason

  1. Dear Jason,
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun! You described the aquarium and the animals inside very well and I could imagine what it would be like! How long did you stay in the U.S.?
    -Daphne 😀

  2. Dear Jason,
    It looks like you had a lot of fun during the holidays!!! The kayak ride that you went on must have been really exciting !!! Also were the sharks that you saw big or small babies?
    Looking forward to reading more of your stories !!
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Jason,

    I m sure you had lots of fun! You described everything very well and it was like if I was there with you!

    Catarina 😀

  4. Dear Jason,
    Your trip sounded really cool and I hope that you tell us more about your trips in the future.

  5. Dear Jason,

    I loved your story and I am looking forward to reading more.
    I really liked how you described everything and it seems that you had a good time at the aquarium.
    Good job.

    From your friend,

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