Bullying by Marie

In this essay I will talk about bullying, what is the best thing to do when you see someone being bullied, and what to do when your friend is a bully.

  When someone is a bully it means that he doesn’t care how other people feel when he is mean to them. He/she doesn’t respect others, they only care about themselves. Bullies think they are the best. They also think that when they are being mean and hurting someone’s feelings they are cool. That isn’t true, so think about that: don’t do something to others, if you don’t want others doing it to you. Being a bully isn’t nice, would you like being bullied (mostly for people who are bullies)? When someone is a bully he/she will get in big trouble if the teacher finds out. So, think about all these things and tell bullies what is the correct thing to do.

  When you see someone being bullied never ignore them, help them out because if you don’t care, maybe a time will come when you are being bullied and you wouldn’t like it if nobody helped you. Here are some ways to help other people: talk to the bully about the previous things you read or tell your friend to ignore the bully. If you don’t want to get involved, call an adult.

  If one of your friends becomes a bully you better find someone else to play with or talk to your friend. Tell your friend that being a bully isn’t cool, hurting other’s feelings isn’t respectful, and ask them if they would like to be bullied.

  I think all these things will make bullies change their behavior and become kind, respectful, friendly, and caring people.

3 thoughts on “Bullying by Marie

  1. Dear Marie,
    You have described a bully’s motives very well and why they might be bullying somebody. You also gave some helpful tips about bullying as well. I think someone being bullied, someone who has a bully as a friend or someone who is a bully would know what to do after reading you essay. Great job!
    -Daphne 😀

  2. Dear Marie,

    WOW!!!! Your essay was great.
    I liked your essay because you were giving helpful advice. I think that bullies are very bad and hurt other people’s feelings too. I am looking forward to reading more.
    Nice job.

    Your friend,

  3. Dear Marie,

    I think that your essay has helped bullies understand that being a bully is just not cool. It also might help a kid know what to do if he/she is being bullied or know what to do in a situation like one of their friends are being bullied or if they are bullies themselves.


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