A Visit to England by Jason

We had just landed in the London airport. We got off the plane and in the airport to pick up luggage. We then ordered a taxi to come pick us up. The taxi came after a good 10 minutes. We then drove into town to go sleep at a friend’s house. We got there in about an hour and played Minecraft and then went to sleep.

The next day my friends went to school and me and my mom went to the [British] Museum and saw mummies and sarcophagi. After a while we went to the gift shop and I got two catapults. Then we got out of the museum and got on a double decker bus to Oxford and spent the night at a college.

The next day we went to the Oxford [University] Museum [of Natural History] which was really good because it had a kids’ menu! It was also good because it had many real skeletons! The next day we took a diesel train to Bristol and slept over at a friend’s house. The next day we played Minecraft and took a bus to the airport and the bus ride in the country was great!

Jason with sister Atalanta (front) and Bristol friends Michael and Rebecca.

IMG_9328                    T-Rex


An Elizabethan house on Oxford’s Cornmarket Street IMG_2019 1

The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland         A 495 million year-old ammonite

IMG_2006 1           IMG_1982 1

Stuffed heads of a hyena, aardvark and stork.

IMG_1954 1IMG_1951 1IMG_1903 1

11 thoughts on “A Visit to England by Jason

  1. Dear Jason,

    Looks like you had a great time in London. I wish i was there too. I really liked the photos that you had especially the one with the dinosaur biting your face. Good job!!!!

    From your friend,


  2. Dear Jason,
    I like how the story was explanatory. I also like the way you put a lot of pictures! I hope you and your family had a lot of fun! By the way cool pictures of the animals, they were eye catching!
    From your good friend,

  3. Dear Jason,
    I liked how your story was informative and you wrote exactly what happened every day. Maybe you could have included how you felt and what you liked the most.
    Daphne 😀

  4. Dear Jason,
    Great story! I liked that you wrote what happened each day, I just think you could’ve added a bit more detail. Overall, great story (and pictures, of course). It sounded like you had a lot of fun in England!
    -Ann-Marie 🙂

  5. Dear Jason,
    I hope you had a great time because it seems like you had one from your cool pictures and your awsome writing skills. I really liked the photo with the animal heads and the old 495 ammonite. I wish you can write again when you go for vacation. Your story was very exciting and you had a lot of photos, I especially liked the one with the dinosaur on your face.

    Your friend from the class,
    Manu 777:-) JJ

  6. Dear Jason,
    I really liked your story and your pictures! I hope you had a really good time because all those places you visited sounded really interesting! The only thing you could change in your story is that you could be more descriptive and add a little more detail:-) You could also support your story by giving examples like quotes!

    Your good friend,
    ELLIE 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Dear Jason,

    I really liked your story, it sounded pretty cool. I think that the best picture was the the one that you put your head in the animation of that dinosaur.

    (P.S. You always played Minecraft and what is an ammonite?)

  8. Dear Jason,

    I think your story is very interesting. I could see how much fun you had ! Although I agree
    with Daphne and Anna-Marie . You could have added some details but your story was
    very nice . The pictures were very cool . I liked the one with your head in the dinosaur’s mouth. It was very funny.


  9. Dear Jason,

    Your story was really interesting! I totally agree, and the best part was the pictures in the British museum. I hope you’ve enjoy the flight! It was a really nice opportunity to go to England.



  10. Dear Jason,
    It looks like you had fun in England! My favorite part of the story was when you met your cousins.I hope I can go there one day.


  11. Dear Jason,

    It sounds like you enjoyed your trip, or at least I hope so.
    It sounds like England isn’t running out of museums [ joking….].
    [ Carl- The ammonites were creatures who lived hundreds of millions of years ago in shells like the one Jason showed. Once people thought they where horns of devils!]
    Your friend,

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