Mystery Skype! by Mrs Kynigou

It was great meeting Ms Wampler’s Fifth graders from Maryland this afternoon as we did our very first Mystery Skype call. Add a comment to explain what Mystery Skype is, or how we set up this activity or share your impressions of  how it went. What skills do you think you learn from participating in Mystery Skype? Would you like to do it again?

If our new friends are reading this, we’d love to hear your comments too! I know your day is just starting, whereas we  are all heading home now!

Ms Evloyias’ and Ms Maratou’s students, don’t worry, your teachers are planning to do this with your classes too!

6 thoughts on “Mystery Skype! by Mrs Kynigou

  1. Dear 5th grade,
    Mystery Skype was AWESOME! Mystery Skype is when you Skype someone, and you don’t know who you’re skyping.You try to find out where the people who you are skyping with you are at. We had to ask the other class closed questions (yes or no questions), and hopefully find where they are. This is is how we set it up: Ms.Kynigou put Skype on the computer and assigned jobs to everyone. For example, there were 2 representatives for the class (the people talking to the other class), there were a few groups that were listing down what questions we/they asked, and what questions we should ask. There were a couple of little groups that were looking up atlases, and so, if the other class asked ” are you in northeast Europe?” they would search where northeast Europe was. There was a similar group with this one, and this group looked up the questions the other class asked, but with a large map. There was also a person at the iPad, taking videos of us. All people were welcome to write on their whiteboards an idea for a question for the reps to ask, and the reps would choose a question and ask it to the other class. After all, the other class found where we were a bit faster than us. It turned out that they were in Maryland. This activity was awesome because we worked like journalists, and we worked in groups, and helped each other, and we also met new people from another place. I totally recommend Ms.Evi’s and Ms.Marartou’s class to do this. It’s a really fun learning experience!
    Loved it,

  2. Dear Mystery skype friends,

    I was unable to participate in mystery skype but I am happy to participate in blogging with you!

    Sincerely Rachel

  3. Dear Mystery Skype friends,

    I had a lot of fun Skyping with you this morning!! I learned some things about geography. I would love to do this again!

  4. Dear Mystery Skype friends,

    I unfortunately missed the Mystery Skype,but I hope I can make the next!

    Your friend Noora

  5. Dear Mystery Skype friends,

    I was there at the skype session. I learned a lot about your school. I would like to do this again!!

  6. Dear fellow students,
    Mystery skype was really cool and interesting. Everyone had their own job. My job was to write the questions we asked. It was also fun talking from a class in Maryland. Everyone in Ms. Kynigou’s class was great and everyone worked together. Hope we do it again.
    Francesca 😀

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