To the 5th graders,

Instead of keeping your book reviews/recommendations confined to the classroom bulletin boards, here is a place where you can all share information about the books you enjoyed reading.
In a comment include:
  • The author
  • The genre
  • The year published
  • Write about the book but don’t give too much away
  • Tell us how it made you feel
  • Who you would recommend the book to.

I am looking forward to reading your recommendations!!!

Ms. Maratou

12 thoughts on “OUR BOOK REVIEWS

  1. I will recommend one of my favorite books. So let’s get started. This book is written by Agatha Christie. Its titled ”Murder on The Orient Express.” It was published on January 1,1934. A murder is on this train. Simon Ratchet a millionaire stabbed several times dead on his bed. His door was locked from the inside and they find a handkerchief on the floor,not belonging to the millionaire. Detective Hercule Poirot must find this murderer before he/she strikes again.
    I recommend this book because it has a lot of mystery, suspense and action.

  2. The Twits
    by: Roald Dahl
    Mrs. and Mr. Twit are two disgusting,creepy,weird and grouchy people. They hate each
    other. They keep on tricking each other. Mr. Twit has captured a family of monkeys and
    the monkyeys are trying to escape from these old grumpy people, with a help of a bird! Will
    they escape and try to get Mrs. and Mr. Twit out of there lives?
    Recommended by: Asimina
    I love this book because it’s very funny, it has lots of action and trust me you will not stop
    reading until the end of the book.

  3. Warriors: Series 1
    By Erin Hunter

    Do you think all cats simply sit, eat and play with you all day? You’re wrong! The warrior cats live in the forest in their four clans. Thunder Clan has to face a betraying cat, an attack from another clan, an army of cats from twolegplace, fires, floods and famine!
    Can Rusty, a simple house cat save the forest from destruction?

    I like this four-part series because it has a lot of action and adventure.You get hooked so fast, you won’t be able to put the books down when you start them!
    When you finish reading this series you will look at cats differently…

    Recommended by Daph2004

    For those of you who want to read the books, the library has the four series. (Book 1 of the first series is “Into the Wild” and book 2 of the first series is “Fire and Ice”)

  4. The Secret Kingdom
    by Jenny Nimmo

    Would you like to discover new worlds and kingdoms with just reading a book? Then this book is for you. Discover different creatures and wild animals in the desert with a camel, a little girl and a 12 year old boy. Play with your fantasy, create creatures in your mind while Jenny Nimmo describes them. The book is about two kids getting away because their parents were killed and their faith is to discover a new kingdom before the bad creatures capture them.

    I like this book because it includes action, royalty, kingdoms and you want to read more and more as you flip the pages.
    Recommended by Manu 777.

  5. Warriors: A Dangerous Path
    by Erin Hunter

    A new leader has arrived and will bring trouble to the forest and all the cats but that’s not all. A new threat the forest has never faced has come and will bring many deaths with it. Follow young Fireheart as he faces all these threats.

    I like this book because it has lots of adventure and I only want to read more to find out what happens next.

    Recommended by Catarina 🙂

  6. The Tails of Emily Windsnap
    by Liz Kessler

    A girl named Emily has a HUGE secret. When she finds out that she has something special she makes a new unusual friend and meet a very special person…

    Recommended by: Emilia

    I love this book because it is so mysterious and has a very interesting character!

  7. The Suitcase Kid
    By: Jacqueline Wilson

    The girl’s parents divorced. Her dad and mom married someone else and she didn’t have a good time when she went to her dad. She wanted to go home, back to Mulberry Cottage where she lived.

    I love this book because it caught my interest from the beginning. Also the author was very descriptive and I could make a movie in my head. It was kind of sad but I like books that make me feel different.

  8. A Rats Tale
    By:Tor Seidler

    This book takes place in New York City.The book is about a mouse family that is trying to save themselves from the Mad Rat Man.
    I loved this book because it is very interesting and when you read the book you don’t want to stop reading and at the
    same time it is funny.
    I recommended this to people that like books that are very interesting and when you read it you don’t want to stop.

  9. In Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull, four unlikely kids have summoned each a different animal from the four fallen which are made up by a falcon, panda, leopard, and wolf.
    When evil awakes they must join forces with the green cloaks to stop the evil. So do you think they can?
    I recommend this book because it has a lot of fantasy and adventure in it.

    Written by, M&M

  10. Tagus The Horse Man
    The book was published the year 2007 in Great Britain.Tom and Elena need to find Tagus the horse man and free him by the bad spell of an evil wizard. The wizard put an evil horseshoe that makes the horse man be evil, faster and destroy all the cattle that the people have. Can Tom stop him?
    I love this book because it has a lot adventure in it and it made me want to read more and more.The author used a lot of descriptive words and similies and that made it even more interesting.

  11. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    By J. K .Rowling
    Recommended by Iti 7
    In the sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry’s problems grow bigger. Voldemort starts an attack on the wizard world, and the homework grew into huge size. At the year of hardness, a mystery book helped Harry at poisons. Is Harry going to discover who the Half Blood Prince is? Is he going to understood who has that mystery name?
    I love this book because it has the thing all Harry Potter books have and it’s the thing that joins them which is the mystery that makes nearly anyone read the books until the last word!

  12. A Book Review
    By Daphne

    Title: Blood on the River: James Town 1607
    Genre: Historical Fiction
    Author: Elisa Carbone
    Library Book: FIC CAR
    Pages: 224
    Year of Publication: 2007

    A young orphan boy is chosen to be a servant to Captain John Smith on his voyage to the Americas. He has to face sickness, starvation and battles with the Indians. Can he survive this strange new world?

    I recommend this book because it is a great adventure story and it is very well written; I could completely imagine what was happening in the story. This book also connects to our unit in Social Studies and helped me understand how difficult it was to live in Colonial America. The main character, Samuel, is 11 years old and I could understand how he thought, felt and reacted to certain situations.

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