9 thoughts on “Explorer Lego Projects

  1. Dear Kristjan and Monroe,
    I loved both of your stop animations! It was very comedic and hilarious. I like that you all added some voices at the back to lighten the play up. I personally believe this could not get any funnier or better, it is too good! Monroe, I really like the “dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun!” that you added, it was very funny and was a great part of the video.
    from your friend,
    Madhawan Kain

  2. Dear Monroe and Kristjan

    Your Lego projects were great! Both of you guys did an awesome job on doing your voices. Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From your friendly friend,

    Seung-Min (best friend of Emmanouil)

  3. Dear Kristjan,
    I really like how you chose to make your project out of Lego! It helped me that you put a map of Drake’s voyages at the end. Maybe you could have talked a bit more because at some points I didn’t understand exactly what was happening.

    Dear Monroe,
    I like how you animated part of the project and used writing on paper for the other parts. Perhaps you could talk a little more about Ponce de Leon’s voyages, from where he sailed and his route.

    -Daphne 😀

  4. Dear Kristian and Monroe,

    Your presentations were fantastic! I think you guys did a great job,(for I couldn’t have done it)But maybe you should try to explain what was happening a little more.

    From your friend*
    Lucas 🙂

  5. Dear Monroe,
    I loved your project and I think that it was very well thought out, the way that you set up the project, by acting out parts of it in Lego, and then stating what was happening in print! (Ponce de Leon is really interesting, I did him too!)

    Dear Kristjan,
    Your presentation was really good, especially the animation, and the soft, smooth movements of each Lego figure! I loved the end (No! I’m too sick. I will die now!) and how you dressed him up as a skeleton!

    Maggie D. 😀

  6. Dear Monroe and Kristjan,
    Both of your videos were awesome!!
    You put details in your movies and I have a question.
    How did you make the people to move?


  7. Dear Kristjan,
    Your video was awesome. Now I get why your name in Clash of Clans is “Awesomesauce”.How much time did it take you to make it?

    From Your Friend,
    Tom and Jerry

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