An Apology to Antoinette by Maria

Dear Mom Antoinette,

I’m writing this letter to you from the dungeon to apologize for my misbehavior and my unlike mouse behaviors. I know I have been causing a lot of talk and disappointment to you, our family and to the other mice.

It all started from the moment I was born. I saw all this bright light and shades of color that I couldn’t resist. Every single moment of light brought me all these wonderful feelings, that I could not help myself not get in trouble.

When I heard the King play the music that was as sweet as honey, I just had to be near. Something about the music and light make me not feel like a mouse. Princess Pea is so beautiful you should meet her. She complimented me so many times that I was blinded from her words and love that she showed me.

I wish you and the other mice would be able to see what I feel and be happy for me. I disagree with all of you telling me that I can’t love someone that is not a mouse. Love is a strange thing that just comes. I read it in the books at the library! A story always starts with once upon a time and ends with a happy ending of love.

Being in the dungeon for a few days has given me the urge to apologize for the damage I have caused to you and our family. I know I broke the most important mouse rule and I let Princess Pea touch me as well. All these were actions of love. However, having everyone treat me in a mean way and comment on how tiny I am, my big ears, and my not so mouse like habits made me feel different.

I might be different by my own way but you still have to remember that I’m your son and that you gave birth to me. I am still your little Despereaux and I hope to change your mind about being a disappointment.



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