Moubeen and I by Khush

         Hi, my friend, that is my cousin too, is from Burewala, Pakistan. Moubeen has brown hair, brown eyes like a brown dog with black spots ,and Moubeen has a beautiful smile as a beautiful day. I feel like Moubeen and I are like sisters, like I am another copy of Moubeen because Moubeen thinks the same ideas and plans. If we have a problem  we figure out a solution, and  we have the the same solution. What I like about Moubeen is that she is so funny, gentle, and calm. She has changed this visit because she gets me and my feelings now. We agree at the same things and when we have fights we both say, “Sorry! I would never do something like that again.” I like to call Moubeen Been because her nickname is Been and her middle name is Fatima. I like to joke and use her name with mine because my mom was going to name me Noor Fatima. She likes to play and to go to our farm. We play at night, tell scary stories and joke around. My brother likes her because if my brother says bring that she brings what my brother told her.

Everytime  I go to Pakistan the second place I go to is Burewala. The second day Been and I start off with going to our farm. Next we go to  our cousin that is also our friend and we watch T.V at her house. Lastly we go home and vote for games. We play Hide- and- Seek or Pakistani games like Laal Pari, Yasou Pangou, Laal Pari Tota Share, and  we also play tag.

The game I am going to tell you about is Drum Roll Hide-and-Seek!So how you play in Pakistan is if you find one person or all the people  you say, “Express!” If the person that hides says, “Daap!” the person that seeks seeks again.

Once my cousin Hamza told me where Been and his brother Talha were and I fell for it.  I went to see where Been and Talha were.  Been then said, “Daap!”  and everyone laughed at me. I felt embarrassed but I  had so much fun!

Then I went to my friend Rimsha’s  house to meet her and we played a game called Cocai.  This is how you play.  You need 4 people, you have 1 partner for each person. You draw a square. The square has to have small squares and 4xs. Then you need 4 different types of pieces to play. Then you and your partner decides who starts first. Then you play.  If you get stuck, your partner can help you. So my friend, Rimsha, we talk with each other for 1 or 2 hours.

On August 14th, guess what, it is… drum roll… it’s Pakistan’s Independence Day! On Independence Day in Burewala, men make a mountain with sand, and then add color. Then they add decoration like lights, cars, cows eating hay, and soldiers.  On the sand mountain there are 4 small  doors. Been, my baby girl cousin, her 2 year old sister and I went to see the mountain. It looked super cool. While watching the mountain being built, I ate shaved ice with my sister and then I went to a house to get special Pakistani clothes for my Sialkot cousins.

One way that Been has changed is that she is so nice,calm and patient now. Before Been used to be rude but now she is nice. In Burewala, Been and I took money from our parents and went to eat chaat, vegetable salad. The salad was so good that everyday Been and I went to eat chaat. Been, Rimsha and I had so much fun together. I will never forget the fun I had with Been and  Rimsha!

2 thoughts on “Moubeen and I by Khush

  1. Dear Khush,
    YEAH!! You published your first story on OWL!
    I really liked your story because you added lots of details of how Moubeen looks like. It sounds that you have lots of great family members and friends back in Pakistan! Loved your story!
    Your Friend,
    Ann-Marie #3

  2. Dear Khush,
    I loved your story it was awesome. Also it was so interesting, and funny, I could feel that I was there. I liked that you explained what you did, every single detail. Your story was amazing! 😀
    Your Friend,

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