An Apology to Furlough by Madhawan

Dear Furlough,

I owe you a big apology for not being a mouse. I am full of sorrow that I couldn’t focus on your mouse lessons. I was too busy enlightened with the light of the beautiful sun going through the enormous stained glasses. I was daydreaming about loving Princess Pea. I wasn’t thinking of “Let’s just ignore Furlough’s boring lessons.” I had been too dreamy with the light and Pea.

To make it up to you, I would like to take the mouse lessons, even if they are really boring. I believe I have changed.  I have not seen the light in a long time. I haven’t seen Princess Pea either. Although I don’t want to be a mouse, I will accept the challenge. I do deserve a punishment though as I have broken some very major rules.

Your small little, big eared brother,



4 thoughts on “An Apology to Furlough by Madhawan

  1. Dear Madhawan,
    I loved your apology letter!
    I think that you used lots of nice, juicy, words, such as ‘sorrow,’ and ‘enlightened.’
    It was interesting and I can’t wait to read more of your awesome writing!
    Maggie D. 😀

  2. Dear Madhawan,
    I really liked your letter, especially because you used great vocabulary, and because you wrote it really nicely in Despereaux’s point of view. Great letter!
    -Ann-Marie 😀

  3. Dear Madhawan,
    Your apology letter was SO hilarious! You did not list and I liked the picture at the bottom.(I am still laughing!`Lets just ignore Furglough`s boring lessons’) 😀

    See you later,
    Steleeza : – )

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