So So Sorry…

Read the behind-the-scenes letters as characters from Despereaux share their regrets over the things they have done! If you would like, share your apology letter in a comment below!
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3 thoughts on “So So Sorry…

  1. Dear Despereaux,
    I’m very sorry for telling you that you have large obscenely ears. Your mother’s attitude made me mad too. I just came to see you after your birth because your parents called me for our family reunion. Uncle Alfred wants to give an apology too.
    To make it up to you,I promise I’ll never tell you that you have big ears. Come over and we will do another family reunion and I’ll call your uncles and aunts also grandparents. Everyone will apologize to you and call you adorable. I will even find you a cute nickname. What do you think about cutie pants or sweetie?
    Aunt Florence
    P.S. Tell me if your coming by next week.
    Francesca 😀

  2. Dear fellow Threadmasters,
    This is my apology letter: Roscuro writing to Botticelli. I hope you like this awesome extra-feature!

    Dear Botticelli,
    I am truly and utterly sorry for being so foolish, abnormal, and revolting. I am a rat, and should not be wasting hours dwelling on something so ridiculous as light. It has created miserable tension between us, my old friend. I should be spending these precious times doing something worthwhile like taking prisoners’ possessions. I should cause the melancholy captives to grow sadder, and sadder still, until the miserable peoples’ bones lie old, forgotten, rotted, and shriveled. For, dear friend, as you mentioned to me before, life is not about light, but it is about suffering. Suffering suffering suffering . . . ruthless torture; taking, savoring, and then crushing every feeble last ray of hope that the prisoners possess. That is what life is about. That is the reason we live are cruel, short, dark and evil lives. To cause suffering.
    So, Botticelli, I will use my precious spare time to cause suffering to the countless prisoners’ hearts. I promise I will make it up to you. I promise that I finally understand, that I finally know and love who I am. For, dear friend, I am a rat.
    Your dearest friend,

  3. Dear Princess Pea,

    I’m apologizing from the darkest depths of my heart. I got carried away, and didn’t mean to kill the king’s and your beloved Queen. I’m sorry about breaking your heart. I’m sorry about wiping off that smile from your beautiful face. You’re right; I’m just a rat, and that is all I’ll ever be. I came from the dungeon’s deepest cages, and I’m going to return to Botticcelli, the prisoners, and the darkness. I am as sorry as ever, and my heart is broken too. Now, that I’m back in the dungeons, I’ll miss the light, the wonderful smell and taste of soup, and most importantly your father and your mother. Your mother’s last words broke my heart. I don’t think you noticed, but rats have spirits and hearts too; and this rat’s ones, were sunk.

    I know this is unforgivable, but I’m still apologizing.


    P.S. The soup was good

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