My Minecraft Diamond by Daphne

Out of all the things I like to do in my spare time, Minecraft is my favorite. Minecraft is a video game you can play on ipad, iphone, X-box, PC and Mac. It is exactly like the real world with oceans, rivers, hills, valleys, mountains and more! The only difference is what makes the game unique; everything, everything is made of big blocks. In Minecraft you can play in Creative mode, where you can fly, you have access to commands and you have every item in the game. In Survival mode, you must collect resources, build shelter and protect yourself from hostile mobs.
My cousin and I were experimenting different Minecraft seeds. A seed is a line of letters and numbers that tell the game what the world looks like. We found one where you spawn next to a pit with four iron ore in it! I decided to make a survival world with this seed. Little did I know that this world would be plentiful in iron, gold, lapis lazuli and even diamonds!
The next day, I began my world. Once I had obtained the iron close to me, I set out to find a place to make my cave-home shelter. I found a cliff close to me and decided to mine a tunnel into it. I cleared away some stone and added my furnace and crafting table. I lit up the area with torches and I was finished. I couldn’t craft a bed so I stayed in my house during the night.
The other days in my world were the same; collecting resources in the day, staying inside at night. Eventually I had about four stacks of iron. Then one day, I set out to mine in the cave system next to my house. I wanted to make an anvil and I needed more iron ingots. I went down to the underground ravine, went across it and climbed into a cave. Then I noticed something I’d never seen before, and opening in the rock!
I broke the surrounding stone to make it bigger and crawled inside the tunnel. I placed torches to light my way and collected the ores I found. When I thought the tunnel would go on forever, I saw a light at the end. I exited the tunnel and stepped into the mouth of another ravine, complete with lava, gold, redstone, iron and water cascading down the walls.
“Yes!!” I thought.
But as I took a step forward, I forgot to hold down shift. Stone fell in front of me as I hit the ground. Instantly, he screen read: Game Over!
“No!!” I cried.
I clicked respawn and quickly headed back to the cave after hastily crafting an iron pickaxe. I found the second ravine again and climbed down with a bucket of water. I recovered some of my items and mined the ores I saw. I made a small area with a furnace, crafting table and chest and put my iron and gold to smelt while I tried to find a cave system. I ran across some obsidian and found a large cavern in the walls of the ravine. I entered it and sprinted over some more obsidian. I hoped I could find some diamonds to mine it. As I ran, blue flashed on the side of my screen.
“Lapis Lazuli!” I exclaimed, hoping to mine the rare blue ore. When I turned back I observed that this mineral was a lighter blue. I charged and took the ore and found another behind it. I switched to the hotbar slot it was in and stared at the gem in my hand. This was so exciting. I was so excited.
The first diamonds to ever be found in Epic Survival lay in Daph2004’s hand. My hand!

6 thoughts on “My Minecraft Diamond by Daphne

  1. Dear Daphne,
    What can I say? I love minecraft, I love your story. I love your intro, because you said what the point of the game is, and you also added details for a beginner to understand what minecraft actually is. I also like that you did all that, while not going into huge detail about it ( I could do that all day). Your world seems pretty exciting! I felt you when you found your first diamond, because to be honest, my first diamond of which I encountered was about only a month ago, since I always cheat and put seeds that youtubers have discovered. I hate ( it recently happened to me as I was making a tall ladder in my mineshaft) that when you are in the most interesting point of the game, you suddenly just do something dumb and die!! Urgh! It always gets up my nerves! Anyway, I also liked your ending. Again, loved your story and can’t wait to hear about another of your minecraft adventures!
    Your friend,
    PS Go to youtube and type ‘coestar’ and go to his channel.He’s awesome! By the way, Just before I saw your story, I was playing minecraft too 🙂 Weird…

  2. Dear Daphne,
    I really liked your story, it was really descriptive and I could feel your emotions when you died and respawned! I have experienced many similar moments in minecraft, because minecraft is my favorite game! I was once on my iPad and I dug deep into the ground, I hit the obsidian and I couldn’t mine any further! Then, I made a house, a mining room and some stairs that led up to the real world. I would mine every day until I found a bunch of iron,the gold bars, twu diamonds, and allas the rarest of them all! I found an emerald! At that moment I was so happy that I screamed with joy!
    I am really happy that you accomplished your goal!!!

    Ellie m:) 🙂

    1. Dear Ellie,
      Thanks for commenting. This story is actually many mining experiences combined together, since I couldn’t remember exactly what happened when I found my Diamonds. For example, the second ravine I found was actually in another cave. I have found an abandoned mineshaft and, like you, an Emerald!!!
      Daphne 😀
      P.S. I also dreamed with joy when I found my first Emerald and Diamond!!! 🙂

  3. Dear Daphne,
    Your story was really exciting. I know how it feels to “die” and lose all your stuff especially diamonds!

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Ann-Marie,
    Thanks for commenting. I included the ‘introduction’ to Minecraft for people who might want to try the video game or don’t know what it is. I agree that you could explain Minecraft to someone all day. (If I had the time, I would!) 🙂
    P.S.I am planning to make the world this story takes place in into a private server by the end of the vacation. Maybe you could join the server when (if) I make it!
    -Daphne 😀

  5. Dear Emilia,
    Thanks for commenting as well. When I had aquired these Diamonds I had found a Taiga biome and was happily making my way home with two tamed dogs behind me. One FELL INTO the lava pool I was using as a ‘trash can’. I peeked over in time to see him go ‘poof’ and disappear. I forgot to hold shift. I forgot to sneak. You can guess what happened next. (Game Over!)
    P.S. The hilarious thing is that I had named the dog Fire :), and had dyed his collar red. (This connects with The Tale of Despereaux because the mice wore a red thread around their neck when they were sent to the dungeon to be eaten by the rats…)
    -Daphne 😀

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