An Apology to Despereaux by Daphne

Dear Despereaux,
I would like to apologize for leading you to the dungeon. I had always wanted to be part of the Mouse Council and I had believed that this would have been a way to prove myself. Now I regret having no little brother. I felt annoyed when you didn’t behave like a mouse and I guess that’s what led me to this act of perfidy. When I returned home I was ready for my family’s compliments, but I received none.
After a few days I realized that I longed for you to return. Please accept my apology. I will be talking to father tomorrow, about sneaking you out of the dungeon’s darkness. Make sure you don’t get lost in that revolting maze until I come to save you.
Your caring brother,

2 thoughts on “An Apology to Despereaux by Daphne

  1. Dear Francesca,
    Thanks for commenting. I am planning to write another story and put it on the blog. It will be a sequel to ‘My Minecraft Diamond’.

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