The Best Volleyball Match by Azra

“Let’s go Lancers, let’s go!!!” shouted everyone. The crowd was spirited and eager to watch ACS win. Fifth graders and High Schoolers were cheering for the Lancers, as they were playing the drums and moving the “Lancers flag” from left to right as they were singing, “Let`s go Lancers, let`s go!”

Everyone sitting down in the gym was really excited. Our class and the rest of the fifth grade, was cheering for the Lancers. We were singing chants, clapping in rhythms and stamping our feet at the bleachers.

When the game started, everyone was hooked on the ball ready to see an ACS victory. There it was, the Lancers won the first point, second point, third point and this continued. As you can imagine everyone was getting up from their seats and screaming off the top of their lungs, “Yeaaaaaahh!!!!”

The referee blew the whistle and the buzzer went off. The ACS Lancers were a very good team, but do you know why? They actually won the first set!! Bang Bang Bang, the high schoolers were playing the drums. Everyone was getting super excited. The Lancers were doing so well because they had teamwork, leadership, effort and sportsmanship. Even when a team member lost the ball, they would still cheer each other up.

After winning the first set, the teams changed spots. Now the ACS Lancers were playing on the other side. The judge gave the ball to ACS and the game started. The game was as fun as going to the Luna Park. Everyone was enjoying it and we were so happy we were part of it. As the second set was happening, the Lancers seemed to be getting tired. The other team was getting more points and the difference was becoming bigger. Suddenly, we win a point and the whole gym started cheering. We get another point and another one and then another. ACS Lancers were getting back into the game. The gym started moving as if there was an earthquake. “From East to West, from East to West… the Lancers are the best, the Lancers are the best,” was sang from everyone in the gym. They started getting more points but unfortunately, lost the second set.

“ Go Lancers, go Lancers!!” everyone shouted as the third set began. In this set the Lancers were lucky, as they won!!! Everyone in the gym was really happy, but the excitement didn’t finish here. ACS Lancers won second place in the whole tournament. It was the best volleyball match, and we were able to be part of it!!


5 thoughts on “The Best Volleyball Match by Azra

  1. Dear Azra,
    I really liked your store about the volleyball game! It was AMAZING ! I loved how you used all the details of what happened there!

    Ellie T

  2. Dear Azra,
    Super story!
    I loved how you described vividly how everything went during the volleyball match! It was a lot of fun cheering for the Lancers! 🙂 Again, great job! Let’s go Lancers, let’s go! 😉
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

  3. Dear Azra,
    I really enjoyed reading your essay. I liked the words that you used and the description that you put in your essay about the team and the 5th grade. I can’t wait to read another story from you.
    Your friend,

  4. Dear Azra,
    I love your story. I passed on the volleyball team and made me remember the games. I had wrote a story` named volleyball is the best. Thank you and continue your dazzling work!!! Sincerely,

  5. Dear Azra,
    I really liked your story. I also liked the details you used and when I read it, it was like I was there watching it.


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