Our Own Facebook by Kaitlyn


Mrs. Kynigou’s class had been waiting all day to make their posters. The whole day was dragging on from morning math to afternoon science. Finally, it was time to make our posters! So we started with picking our favorite book that we had read in 5th grade. Then we created a hook to get other people interested in the story. Then we drew, colored and glued and everyone had created a masterpiece. We waited a week before all the posters got hung up. Then one afternoon Mrs. Kynigou handed out yellow sticky notes to the whole class. We wrote our names on them and if you liked one of the books that someone had chosen, you put your sticky note under that poster. Then if you wanted to read someone’s book you put an orange sticky note with your name on it on their poster. It was very fun for everyone to be part of a kid friendly ‘’Facebook’’. Comment if you like our ”Facebook”. Come put likes on our posters!

3 thoughts on “Our Own Facebook by Kaitlyn

  1. Dear Kaitlyn,
    Nice job, Kaitlyn!
    I think that ‘Our own Facebook’ is a great idea, and is a fun learning experience for everyone; I think that all of the classes should have this!
    Great work putting this fun activity into a story.
    I enjoyed it!
    Your friend,
    Maggie D. 😀

  2. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I really liked how you explained Ms. Kynigou’s class Facebook. You told every detail from beginning to end. I hope you can put more stories on the blog like this one!
    Francesca 😀

  3. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I LOVE our own Facebook!
    it was a great idea! Your story made it even more interesting!
    Thanks for writing a great story.
    Your Friend,
    P.S. I loved how you used the word”masterpieces”

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