What I Like, by Maria K

My favorite sport is tennis,
Playing, with the powerful racket,
That is used to hit the bright yellow ball,
Swoosh, to the other side of the black net,
That crosses half of the green court,
To the opponent’s side and SCORE I get a point.

My favorite animal is a dog,
Like the golden retriever that has shiny smooth fur,
With large brown glittering gorgeous eyes,
Fluffy soft ears,
That can hear everything no matter the distance,
All this makes you want to love the golden retriever.

My favorite place is Damialis beach,
With its crystal waves that form a big wavy shape,
Like a mouth ready to devour you as people are splashing in the sea,
Their sky blue color,
Getting ready to crash on giant rocks,
Filled with green, red, pink, yellow corals,
That shines as the sun’s rays fall on them.


3 thoughts on “What I Like, by Maria K

  1. Dear Ellie,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m sure I’dm going to write more stories on the 5th grade blog. It would also be nice if you wrote one of your exciting stories too!!! Can’t wait for us to finish our story. You know, which one I’m talking about!!!!:-)
    Your friend ,

  2. Dear Maria,
    Those were some great poems!
    I loved how you used many different examples, like, ‘A mouth ready to devour you,’ as you said when you were talking about waves.
    That was really great, and I enjoyed it!
    Maggie D. 🙂

  3. Dear Maria ,
    I really liked your poem. I also really like your pictures, how you use vivid words to describe what you like and that I could picture what you wrote like there was a TV in my head!


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