Poetry and Science by Mrs Kynigou

Learning science vocabulary is fun when you define a term by what it is, can and does, isn’t, can’t, doesn’t and won’t! Suddenly you’ve made a riddle, a rap or a poem!

I am a process.
I can be the process
When a solid
Disappears in a

I make a solid
I am not a solution or
A mixture.
I can’t let things

I am a verb.
What am I?

I am dissolve.

By Isak

Properties Poem
I am a process.
I am when something disappeared in liquid.
I am the opposite of separation.
I usually happen when you stir a solid in a liquid.
I am not a mixture.
I can’t leave things separate.
I won’t disperse unevenly
I am

By Thanasis S.

Watch these spirited performances by some volunteers from our class!

trim.605956ED-90FF-4D9B-8558-0326AD59A1B7 from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Poetry and Science by Mrs Kynigou

  1. Dear Fellow Classmates,
    I think everyone made great poems. I love how some people made theirs rhyme, said theirs like a rap or made their poem into a guessing game.
    Your Friend,
    Kaitlyn 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs. Kynigou’s class,
    What a great job you did with your poems! Your creativity really stood out! I agree with Kaitlyn, I love how some of you made your poems rhyme, others made them into a rap song and others into a guessing game! Once again, AMAZING work!!!
    Ms. Evloyias

  3. Dear class,
    Wonderful Work!
    I really enjoyed working on this project, and I think that the rest of the class did, too.
    That was really fun, and I hope that everyone else liked it, too!
    Good work,
    Maggie D. 😉

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