The Talent Show by Thisseas Kambouroglou

Finally, the talent show has come! My name is Thisseas Kambouroglou and I am a student of A.C.S Athens American Community School. I am waiting behind the curtains of the stage as the last group finishes their show. The talent show is a show that groups or pairs of students do small five minute shows.

My thoughts are interrupted as Miss Mukri, my teacher, says, “It’s your turn to go.”

“I’m ready,” I declare.

I was going to perform with one of my best friends, Thanasi. I stepped on the stage feeling shy as I look at the theater seats, filled with parents and teachers staring intently at me. I gulp and sit down on the chair waiting for me, looking at the faces of the crowd, trying to find my parents’ faces. Suddenly I see a sudden movement to my left.

I turn and see Thanasi striding toward me, holding a toy dog. I quickly go over the words we have planned in my head.

“Look, I got a new dog!” Thanasi exclaims.

“Wow! Can it do tricks?” I question.

“No, but we can teach it,” Thanasi answers.

“You try first, since it is your dog, “I declare.

“Ok,” he answers.”Doggy, sit! ”

We continue, holding the dog standing. It is weird performing on a stage with so many people. We have done practice on this stage and on another stage, but now we are being watched by many people.

Weird, now it is my turn. “Doggy, jump!” I command, but we make the dog sit.

“Hmm, maybe it does the opposite of what we say?” Thanasis says. “Doggy, don’t eat the chair!”

Suddenly Thanasi throws the dog at the chair, following closely behind. This is the suspense of the story in a way, and a funny part.

I pull the chair away from the dog. I quickly shout, “Doggy, don’t stop!” as we make it stop.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” I say patting it, and seconds later Thanasi falls with the dog on top of him. I try to pick the dog up and we make it bite me.

“OUCH,” I yell. “IT BIT MY FINGER!!!

“Continue,” cries Thanasi, and we make the dog stop.

“I’m going to the hospital,” I cry, and go behind the red curtains of the stage.

The lights slowly dim and go out as Thanasi pretends to fall asleep with the doggy. Five seconds later the light goes on. I come in and Thanasi wakes up.

“I think that we should tell the doggy to not do what we say,” Thanasi declares.

“Do you want to try?” I ask.

“No, you go,” he answers generously.

“Doggy, don’t do what we say!” I command.

“Now try telling it to do something,” Thanasi says.

“Doggy, sit!” I order, and we make it sit down.

“It worked!” Thanasi exclaims.

We bowed and the crowd cheered. ”These were some stressful minutes.” I thought to myself as we leave, carrying the toy dog. I know that if we are graded we will get a four. The concept and show were a bit silly, but I think that everybody loved it!

8 thoughts on “The Talent Show by Thisseas Kambouroglou

  1. Dear Thissea,
    I loved your story, especially the part when you felt nervous as you stared at the parents’ seats. I always feel like that too. I like the way you acted out something, and I found the script really funny. I like the details you put, like the part when you said:filled with parents and teachers looking intently at me. I gulp and sit down… I liked your story. Great job!
    Your Classmate,

    1. Dear Ann-Marie,
      I was trying to make the story interesting, that’s why I put words like intently.Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it when you comment
      Your friend,

  2. Dear Thisseas,
    That was a great story!
    You put in lots of interesting words, like ‘intently’ and ‘command’ instead of just a plain, dull word.
    You put a lot of emotion into your story, and I thought that I was there!
    Great job,
    Maggie 🙂

  3. Dear Maggie,
    As I wrote before, it was hard, and I was trying to show emotion and how hard it was.The process of writing wasn’t hard, only the beginning, the end, and some details that I couldn’t remember(Such as the”OW, HE BIT MY FINGER”part).
    Your friend

  4. Dear Thisseas,
    I really liked that you wrote about the Talent Show! A lot of students wrote stories that didn’t take place in 3rd grade. As your writing piece “told me ” I would definitely give a 4 on your funny/silly show. Your story was very creative and when I was performing, I was really nervous like you. I wish you continue writing enthusiast stories!!!😆
    Your Friend,
    See Eun

  5. Dear Thisseas,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. It’s interesting that you wrote about something happening in 3rd grade. You used adjectives and vivid verbs that helped me visualize what was going on. I think the idea you had about the doggy doing the opposite of what you told it to do was hilarious! You used words other than ‘said’ and helped me understand the way people talked.
    Your Friend,
    Daphne 😀

    P.S. Maybe you can include when this event happened and state you were in the third grade.

    P.P.S. I too remember that when it was my turn to preform in the talent show, I was also very shy!

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