Vasco da Gama by Anna B

Have you heard of Vasco da Gama?
He’d journeys, boats and men, oh mama!
He was born in Sines, Portugal
Sometime during the 1460’s.

He studied math and navigation,
And followed his father out at sea.
His first voyage and back was greater,
Than the earth’s whole equator!

He had four boats, and the three were called:
Sao Rafael, Sao Gabriel, and
Last but not least, Berrio, Oh, god!
The ships now weighed a 120 lot,
170 men signed up.

He left Lisbon, with the king’s blessing,
Passed the west coast of Africa,
The Cape of Good Hope was no messing.
Entered the huge Indian Ocean,
Stopped twice along the African coast,
Maputo was hostile, full of boast.

He reached Malindi, the friendly port,
Help was given to reach India,
Landed in Calicut the Indian fort,
Offered the sultan gifts straight away,
The sultan wanted more anyway.
So da Gama had to leave quicker,
but returned 60 times richer.

Mission completed, the king was pleased.
An admiral now, he continued.
On a second trip he was released.
A good colony now was founded,
For Portugal’s glory and power.
The third voyage made him a viceroy,
Malaria struck him in the core,
On Christmas Eve, 1524.

His name stands for god, glory, and gold,
And monuments were built where he rolled.
He was an explorer who realized
The huge power of opening routes
To get desired spices and goods.

7 thoughts on “Vasco da Gama by Anna B

  1. Dear Anna B,
    Wow! That was great!
    You put in a lot of detail, and now I know a lot about Vasco da Gama!
    I loved your poem, and I loved how you made lots of things even rhyme!
    That was really great. You put a lot of effort into it and you take pride in your work!
    Your friend,
    Maggie 🙂

  2. Dear Anna B.,
    I love your poem because you made the interesting information, more interesting by making it rhyme. I will always remember what Vasco de Gama’s story is because you made it catchy.
    Your Friend,
    (P.S. I’ve been saying the verses in bed 🙂 )

  3. Dear Anna B.,
    GREAT poem!! 😀 I really liked it because it was interesting, had lots of fantastic words, and had cool rhymes! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your great work!!! Once again, great poem/story!
    Your friend,

  4. Dear Anna B.,
    Your essay about Da Gama was awesome. I liked how you made it a rhyme. I learned many details about Vasco Da Gama and had a fun time at the same time! Cool thinking !!!!!!

    your friend,

  5. Dear Anna B,
    Your poem was so good
    It had a lot of rhymes and so that made it fun to read!!
    Can’t wait to red more of your fantasic poems/stories!!!
    Your friend ,

  6. Dear Anna,
    Great job on Da Gama!
    I liked your poem big time
    because you summarized with rhyme.
    All the information was there
    You deserve a 4, fair and square

    -Daphne 🙂

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