5 thoughts on “Explorers!!

  1. Dear Ms. Maratou’s class,
    Wow! It looks like you put a lot of effort and determination into your presentations!
    I think this is really great, and it shows that you guys really take pride in your work!
    It was fun looking at these awesome photographs. You did an outstanding job!
    Maggie D.,
    Ms. Kynigou’s class 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. Maratou’s class,
    SUPER AWESOME projects!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Do you think you can get more pictures of your projects? If so, really looking forward to seeing more projects!!!!!
    Great projects,

  3. Dear Ms.Maratou’s class,
    The pictures of your creative projects look great!!!
    I cant wait to see more pictures of your next projects!!!
    Awsome job ,

  4. Dear Ms.Maratou’s class,
    Lovely looking projects!
    They look wonderful and it looks like you put a lot of effort into them, which makes a great project!

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