Columbus Character by Steleeza


Have you ever imagined one of the earliest explorers on a piece of paper? Well, now you can!! Now, don’t start thinking of any 40year old boy! An old man, as weak as a kitty, sits on his armchair and starts telling his grandchildren a story. A special, special story………

I was walking on the ship, a cold breeze pushing my long curly hair back, as I was stopping to supervise my sailors: ‘Stop daydreaming captain sleepyhead! Put some effort and pull the sail like a man and NOT like a newborn kitty-cat!! “I yelled to a sailor. “Chickens…” I murmured to myself. Then I imagined all my, supposedly “brave” men saying Pock, Pock, like a bunch of chickens that always kept me laughing. My serious large, brown eyes stood glued on my pocket, half ripped as it was, but my light blue journal was still inside. Running downstairs, the air made my puffy, squinting eyes sore. “Finally!!” I said to myself and pulled my journal out, as a new bottle of ink splashed upon my hand. “Ziff! Seriously??” I said again to myself. “How many miles are we from land?” a curious and young sailor asked me. “Forty- nine!!!” I grunted. Then I finally started writing in my journal: “We are exactly ninety-five miles from land.” I wrote as my pen was scratching the paper. “Hmm… I might try to start locking this!” I thought and continued.

I might be a bit stubborn. OK. A lot. But I’m as smart as a fox! I am a bit bossy. I don’t want any of my sailors to be chickens, and do what their own head says! Oh, and additionally, if I tell them that we are one hundred miles from land, they are going to start crying and throwing up. What? I want my ship clean!

I would love to explore endless oceans and seas and I want to explore another trade route to China, or to explore unknown lands…. I want to see ancient ruins and falling stars, just like the stories my dad told me. I still fear falling off the edge of the ocean, and I fear gruesome creatures like giant serpents climbing up my ship…………

8 thoughts on “Columbus Character by Steleeza

  1. Dear Steleeza,
    I really liked your character sketch, and I think you put just the right amount of detail! The humour made me laugh a lot, and I loved the way you wrote this in first person.
    Great job,

  2. Dear Steleeza,
    I liked how you used interesting details and how you described him as an old man. I think it would have been a bit more interesting if you had added his dreams.
    Nice job,

  3. Dear Steleeza,
    I loved your story very much. I liked the way you used some interesting words such as stubborn and grunted. You made me read more and I liked the way you made your story funny and humorous. I even liked your introduction.
    Sincerely from your best friend,

  4. Dear Steleeza,
    Wonderful work!
    You did a great job, and used lots of little details that really helped you imagine the scene in your head–I felt like I was there!
    I also loved the humor that you put into your story . . . like, “I imagined the crew going, Pock Pock”–that was really funny!
    I loved it,
    Your friend Maggie D.

  5. Dear Steleeza,
    I enjoyed reading your essay a lot. You described Columbus very well. You added dialogue which made your writing very interesting! I also liked that you wrote in the first person.
    I think you did a great job on your essay! 🙂
    Your friend,

  6. Dear Steleeza,
    i really liked how you used very interesting words. I also loved how you described the setting, the journal, and more. You also put a lot of funny things that made everyone laugh. Your story was awesome! 🙂 😀

  7. Dear Steleeza,
    I loved your story, but in one spot you didn’t put a space. I liked how you made your story funny. I felt like I was in the story and I could even imagine it. 🙂 🙂
    Your friend,

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