Columbus Character Sketch by Anna B.

​A young, bony hand reached inside a packet, and with a quick swipe, grabbed the journal that was settling inside it. A man, holding his precious notebook, looked around, and started scribbling in it, the dark ink splashing on his writing hands, one writing and one holding the paper. He scratched his sunburned skull, thinking about what he’s going to tell the sailors. He tucked his curly, brown hair under his hat, and continued writing out all of his anxiety, and secrets. He looked around, once more to make sure no one was looking over his shoulder. He slammed his notebook shut, shoved it in his pocket, and picked up a quick pace to the deck. Before he stepped outside, he took a last peek in his pocket, his emerald eyes glistening at the sight of his beloved journal. Protecting his eyes from the salty, humid air, he stomped his strong foot on the firm wooden deck. The sun was shining on his young, slim face. All the sailors of the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta stopped what they were doing to stare at their glowing leader.
​The man you are reading about is Christopher Columbus. You might probably believe you know him, but maybe some of these characteristics might be unrecognizable to you. Christopher Columbus was a very dishonest man. Believe me, he told many lies to his sailors… But this was a good point too! He sometimes comforted his helpers with his fibs. On the other hand, Christopher Columbus was determined too! No matter how much his wailing helpers complained, he still stuck to his goal of going on. The best thing about him was that he was very optimistic. He always reported that everything he saw was a sign of land.
​You might think that Christopher Columbus was brave, but he still feared a few things. He feared that his journal might be discovered and the sailors might make him walk the plank. He also feared that they might never sight land, and die in the middle of nowhere. He dreamed about falling off the end of the world, even though he knew it was a sphere. Columbus’ world was smaller than the normal one, because his world had five continents instead of seven. He thought if he sailed west for a little while, he would directly hit India; but he was wrong. He had directly hit America, and he didn’t even know it!

3 thoughts on “Columbus Character Sketch by Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna,
    Great job with your story. I got hooked from the first sentence I read. I hope you can write more stories like this one!!!
    Francesca 🙂

  2. Dear Anna,
    That was a wonderful story!
    I think that you did a really good job, especially leaving us on a cliffhanger at the end!
    I loved how you put the perfect amount of detail, so that the story was very interesting and suspense-filled!
    Love it! 🙂
    Your friend Maggie D.

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