Who Doesn’t Love Ms. B! by Kaitlyn

Ms. B was the fifth grade helper teacher and the best thing about that was that she was a certified teacher! She got to teach us grammar and sometimes math.
Also she did our spelling tests. At recess everyone sat around her and she told the us most interesting stories. Ms. B is hilarious when she tells stories. She makes everyone crack up. Some kids liked to hang out with her while she was on recess duty. We liked to play games with her like tag. Sometimes we talked to her about what was going on at home.
But everything good has to end. Ms. B had to switch to a different grade. Ms. B continues to visit the fifth grade on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We all hope she can visit us a little bit extra this year!

She’s the queen bee!

24 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Ms. B! by Kaitlyn

  1. Dear Kaitlyn,
    Your story is fantastic!! I think you made the right choice by doing a story about Ms.B and are fun times together with her. This is also a great story for our class because we all can relate to this. I think this is an amazing story about Ms.B and I think she would like it very much! I can’t wait till you write another story!!
    Your Friend,

  2. Thank you Kaitlyn for writing such an amazing piece. I loved all the descriptive words you used! You all hold a very special place in my heart!

  3. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I loved your story because, honestly, who doesn’t love Ms.B?! Your story was great because you put all the reasons Ms.B is awesome, and I think you could make a great persuasive essay on this subject, and when you’re done you give it to the 5th grade staff, and if it’s persuasive enough, we get Ms.B back! Yay!
    Overall, I loved your story,but, sadly, as you’ve mentioned, all sad things have to come to an end:-( Can’t wait until you write an other awesome story!
    Your stories=awesome,

  4. Dear Kaitlyn,

    You explained about what Ms. B. did with us, and you could make even the kid/person who hates her more than anybody, love her!(From my perspective).


  5. Dear Kaitlyn,
    Your story was so touching! I liked the part when you said that everyone was around Mrs. B to tell her funny stories!!! Great job
    Francesca 🙂

  6. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I liked your story, because I feel the same way too. I also miss Ms. B…
    I remember the day when she said, “Punctuation saves lives! ‘Let’s eat grandpa!’ is very different than ‘Let’s eat, grandpa!'”
    She said that in a really funny way so I’ll always remember it!
    Your friend,

  7. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I really enjoyed reading your great essay! You are right about Ms. B:( I’m really sad about her leaving the fifth grade… Anyway, your essay was amazing, and you used a lot of detail! You really made it emotional and got to the point of our great Ms. B. You did a great job describing her, and I loved it!
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

  8. Dear Kaitlyn,
    That was outstanding!
    You did a great job describing everything in the fullest detail!
    Great Job, Kaitlyn! I really liked your story!
    Maggie D. 🙂

  9. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I like your story because you put lots of details and you described lots of things about Miss B. You also gave me a lot of facts about her.

  10. Dear Kaitlyn,

    I know how you feel about Ms. B and she is a really nice person and I like how you saw that and made something so small yet you make it sound big and great for you.

    Monroe M. 🙂

  11. Dear Kaitlyn,
    Your essay was awesome! It was descriptive and I really liked that I could imagine Ms.B and you having a great time together!:) I can’t wait until you write another story.
    Maybe you should make it a movie because I made a movie in my head with all the descriptions.



  12. Dear Kaitlyn,

    You are right! We all love miss B.! I liked her stories too, especially the one with the old man! ;’D…. It’s sad that she left….. But great essay!

  13. Dear Kaitlyn,

    I really liked your story because what you said was all true. I agree with you that Ms.B is a great teacher, and I am also very sad that ms.B had to leave 5th grade. You were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Seung-Min

  14. Dear Kaitlyn,

    You described what Ms. B. did with us and I believe that you could make everyone in the school love Ms. B! 🙂

  15. Dear Kaitlyn ,
    I love you’re essay and I agree that Ms. B needs to come more times to the fifth grade and at least teach us grammar or math.


  16. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I really liked your paragraph about Ms.B. You explained her with vivid words and many adjectives. I can’t wait to read more of your awesome stories !!!
    Great Job!!!

  17. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I really liked your story and I want Ms. B to come to 5th grade more often too. I really liked how you described what we did with Miss B.
    Your friend,

  18. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I really liked your paragraph about Ms.B. You explained her very well with many adjectives. I cant wait to read more of your awesome stories !!!
    Great Job!!!

  19. Dear Kaitlyn,
    Super story. I really think that what you wrote was touching. I’m sure Ms.B is proud. Looking forward to reading more of your great work!!!!!!!!
    Your friend

  20. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I agree that Ms.B was really amazing! I love how you listed everything she did for us.
    I liked what you said, that she was the “Queen Bee” at the end! I didn’t know that she told you stories at recess.
    Maybe I will come and listen to one some time.
    -Daphne =D

  21. Dear Kaitlyn,
    I agree Ms.B was fantastic.I also love her stories
    that she would tell us at recess,and I also liked
    your story.

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