My dog day by Anna B.

“Bye mom! Bye dad! Where are you going ag- ?!“ I was interrupted by the loud horn of our car. I saw my parents giving me a last wave, and they drove off.

I opened the door. I had just come from school and I was excited. Very excited. Today it was the first day of school, so we didn’t have any homework. The day was all mine to spend!

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. The room was dark. I had forgotten to turn on the lights, because I was thinking of all this; but still, there were a few flickers of light coming out of the window. So, I heard footsteps: but these weren’t human ones. These were as quiet as the feet of a mouse! I started thinking again, when a hairy thing jumped on me! Screaming, I stood up, and opened the lights. All I could see now was my little cute puppy, barking playfully.

“You sneaky pup, you scared me!” I exclaimed, giggling.

A few minutes later, I noticed a note. It was from my mom. I opened the envelope. The note was written in beautiful cursive handwriting, and said:

“Dear Anna,

I left you some of the roasted chicken I made by myself. Your dad and I are going to the cinema, and will be back in a few hours. Enjoy your day!

P.S: How was school?


Mom “

I was ok with my parents going out. They usually stayed in the house, working all day! I was also not surprised to hear rock music coming from upstairs. I was sure it was my brother, practicing his guitars. You probably noticed I said “guitars”, because he has three of them. Two are acoustic and one is electric. He plays them all in a circle!

I knew that my brother had eaten, because the roasted, scarce surprise was halfway munched. It looked like the chicken was torn in the middle, before baked. I tore off a leg of the delicious meat, and gobbled it up, licking my fingers happily, sucking out all of the wonderful taste left over.

I was full, but Fivo, the puppy, wasn’t. He looked at me like he was starving to death. He looked thirsty, too. So, I opened the drawer that contained his food. I stared at it. Confused, I looked at the different kinds of dog food. “Which one to use?” I whispered to myself. I continued scanning the dog food. Then I had an idea.

I grabbed the crispy Friskies and the canned Friskies, and filled his bowl with both, the food making a squelchy noise as it landed on the plate. At the same time, I poured our purified water into another sparky, silver, metal bowl. The minute I finished preparing his meal, Fivo gently nudged me out of the way, then started eating and drinking. He filled his face with the golden brown food, and gulped down the colorless fluid. I knew he had finished when I heard a last slurp.

When he was done, he ran up to his silicone bone, and started circling it. I understood, and picked it up. It had a slimy texture. I stammered, “Get it boy!” and threw the doggy toy to the parallel gate facing me. It didn’t have a chance to land, because Fivo clamped it in his powerful jaws.

I was delighted and started clapping. Fivo didn’t understand, and continued chewing his tasteless toy.

After a while, Fivo got bored, so I invented a game. I rolled a ball to him, and he tried to hit it, but he stumbled, and fell on his head. A little bump grew on his head, and I anxiously picked him up, calling my brother.

He came downstairs, a puzzled look on his face. As he examined Fivo curiously, I waited in a corner, tapping my foot impatiently.

When he was done, he called me over. He announced that Fivo’s head was bruised. I suggested that we bandaged it, and we did. After that, we placed him on a cushion, and watched TV until our parents came.

When they arrived, they said “Seems like you had a little accident!” and then they asked, “How was your day?” All of us exchanged sneaky glances, and replied “Fine…”

9 thoughts on “My dog day by Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna,

    That was a great story, I really like your ideas and how you explained the story. I really want you to write another one!

  2. Dear Anna,
    Wow! This story was amazing! You used very good description. So I could could imagine
    what you wrote. I can see what a cute puppy Fivo is!

  3. Dear Anna,
    I really enjoyed your story, it had really nice detail and I felt like I was in the story!
    I am waiting for your new stories that you update on the blog!!!


  4. Dear Anna,
    I totally LOVE your story! I think those juicy words made your story better! I liked that you didn’t list ( I list a lot ) and I can still feel how exciting your day was!!!!!
    Your friend, See Eun

  5. Dear Anna,
    I really loved your story! I think you felt very happy and excited to have a new dog in your home. You described everything so well, I almost felt that I was inside the story!!
    Your friend,
    Maria 🙂

  6. Dear Anna,
    I really enjoyed your story, it had really AMAZING detail and I felt like I was in the story!
    I am waiting for your new stories that you update on the blog!!!


  7. Dear Anna,
    I loved your story!
    It had a lot of detail, like ‘Fivo chewed the tasteless bone’ instead of just ‘the bone.’
    You used lots of good, strong, adjectives.
    Also, it was very interesting and I loved the ending.
    Nice job,
    Maggie 🙂

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